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  1. A 2 piece extension mount for GoPro cameras that allows the camera to capture more of yourself and surroundings. Adjustable to 8" or 16".

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  2. Glide Gear DNA 5050 Professional Camera Stabilizer

    Model: DNA-5050
    SKU: GLG-10040
    Welcome to the Cadillac of steadicam systems. The Glide Gear DNA-5050 is our top-of-the-line professional model for cameras between 2 and 7 lbs. The DNA-5050 is made for the pros, and you will join the elite few that can really create free-floating motion picture shots with professional cameras anytime, anywhere.
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  3. Glide Gear SYL-960 Video Camera Track Dolly Hybrid

    Model: SYL-960
    SKU: GLG-10120
    The SYL-960 by Glidegear is an amazingly versatile track dolly. This unit will allow you to make world class professional films for a fraction of the price of some of the other upper end track dollys on the market. There's no sacrificing quality with the Glidegear SYL-960, which is machined from aircraft grade 6061 anodized aluminum alloy to very tight tolerances for maximum precision and strength.
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  4. Glide Gear DEV 235 Camera Track Slider 23.5"

    Model: DEV-235 SLIDER
    SKU: GLG-10080
    A 23.5″ Professional Video Camera Slider. The Glidegear DEV-235 camera slider was designed for professionals and hobbyists alike so that they could own a slider that was extremely versatile as well as achieving a new level of smoothness and silence.

    Out of stock

  5. Glide Gear Small Camera Stabilizer

    Model: SYL-1000
    SKU: GLG-10010
    Introducing the newest innovation in camera stabilizer equipment. The GLIDE GEAR SYL-1000 allows you to take professionally smooth videos for a very reasonable price. Never again take amature-looking footage! Get that assurance that all of your videos will turn out as smooth as silk. The SYL-1000 will capture smooth looking video even when the camera operator is in motion, even while running!
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  6. Genustech Shoulder Brace Kit

    Model: GSBK
    SKU: GEN-02615
    Ideal for shooting stable video while on the go.

    Out of stock

  7. Manfrotto Folding Auto Dolly

    Model: 181 (3156)
    SKU: MAN-00304
    Designed for Manfrotto's 3046, 3068, 3181, 3185, 3190, 515MVB, and 525MVB tripods.
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  8. Glide Gear DNA 1000 Small Camera Stabilizer

    Model: DNA-1000
    SKU: GLG-10030
    Do you want to be able to take dynamic video on any terrain that looks like it could only have been taken from an advanced track dolly? Introducing The Newest Innovation of Camera Stabilizers from Glide Gear DNA-1000 For DSLR Cameras And Smaller Video Cameras
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  9. KNEKT GP4 Trigger

    Model: KN-100-5000-00
    SKU: KNEKT-00112
    GP4 Trigger for the GoPro Hero3+ and Hero4
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  10. Cinevate Small Camera Articulating Grip

    Model: CIDSLR000011
    SKU: CIN-01314
    A pocket sized solution, the Small Camera Articulating Grip is effortless to pack and setup, providing extra stability when shooting

    Out of stock

  11. Steadicam Smoothee

    SKU: STE-00300
    Now the ability to achieve studio quality stabilized shots with the popular GoPro Hero camera is within reach.
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  12. Sony AKA-LU1 Action Cam Camcorder Cradle with LCD

    Model: AKALU1
    SKU: SON-30304
    Change up the shooting orientation of your Action Cam with this clever camcorder cradle which features a rotating 2.7" LCD screen.

    Out of stock

  13. Sync Adventure Camera Stabilizer

    Model: SY500-002GP
    SKU: SYNC-SY500-002GP
    The Sync Adventure Camera Stabilizer allows you to do what was previously impossible: shoot stable handheld footage. Compatible with the GoPro Hero 3, 3+, and 4.

    Out of stock

  14. GoPole Bobber Floating Hand Grip for GoPro HERO

    Model: GPB-11
    SKU: GPL-00300
    The Bobber is the first of its kind floating GoPro accessory. Designed to save your camera if dropped in the water, it doubles as a hand grip and a flotation device.

    Out of stock

  15. Nikon MP-AA1 Handy Grip

    Model: 25948
    SKU: NIK-27101
    Compatible with KeyMission 360 and 170.
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