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  1. Glide Gear "The Horn" Handle Grip Stabilizer

    Model: BV-100
    SKU: GLG-10140
    The Horn will allow you to capture smooth looking video even when the camera operator is in motion.
    USD $69.00
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  2. Cam Caddie 3 Piece Accessory Kit

    Model: OCC-0100-AK1
    SKU: DOT-03520
    The 3 Piece Accessory Kit is the perfect addition to the Scorpion and Scorpion EX. With these versatile pieces you can easily mount multiple items directly to the Scorpion/EX. The 1/4-20 Flashner can be used to mount accessories like a field recorder while the Accessory Shoe and Accessory Wing can be combined to offer an endless variety of mounting options for lights and microphones.
    USD $59.99
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  3. The ProMaster Camera and Camcorder Shoulder Support helps give professional video results from your DSLR or camcorder. It is constructed of strong lightweight aluminum and is designed to accommodate your digital SLR camera or camcorder. The shoulder support is fully adjustable to reduce fatigue while providing professional results.
    USD $99.95

    Out of stock

  4. Dot Line Corp FloPod Video Stabilizer

    Model: RS-3124
    SKU: DOT-01125
    Designed for the increasingly popular hybrid DSLRs that do both still and HD video. This vertical handgrip stabilizer is not a “steady-cam” type unit. The design of the RPS Studio FloPod I is to have the camera’s weight keep it automatically level in the horizontal axis. The fluid like movement can make video capture smoother.
    USD $249.97

    Out of stock

  5. Glide Gear SYL-3000 Camera Stabilizer

    Model: SYL-3000
    SKU: GLG-10020
    The GLIDE GEAR SYL-3000 allows you to take professionally smooth videos for a very reasonable price. Never again take amateur-looking footage! Get that assurance that all of your videos will turn out as smooth as silk. The SYL-3000 will capture smooth looking video even when the camera operator is in motion, even while running!
    USD $79.00
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  6. Dot Line Corp DLC V2 HDSLR Rig

    Model: DL-V2
    SKU: DOT-01251
    The DLC V2 HDSLR Rig is a very solid and sturdy, yet compact and lightweight HDSLR Video Rig designed to help give you smooth videos with your HDSLR.
    USD $139.95
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  7. Cinevate Simplis Dual DSLR Support Rig

    Model: SIMP0001
    SKU: CIN-01212
    The Proteus Simplis DSLR Rig is the solution for anyone needing a lightweight, “run and gun” support rig. Incorporating a revolutionary system that allows a filmmaker the unique ability to customize and scale their rig as desired, Simplis is ideal for any filmmaker seeking a versatile, modular and upgradeable DSLR Support System.
    USD $574.97
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  8. ZACUTO USA Point n Shoot Pro

    Model: Z-PSP
    SKU: ZAC-00150
    Small, lightweight, quick and portable! Zacuto's Point and Shoot is the ideal handgrip stabilization system for shooting stable, smooth professional video with any small point and shoot cameras, HD Flip and similar cameras that have a 1/4 20" thread on the bottom.
    USD $84.97

    Out of stock

  9. Panasonic HGR1S Handgrip

    Model: DMW-HGR1S
    SKU: PAN-00370
    Handgrip for the Panasonic Lumix GM1. Provides additional grip point for added camera stability. Increases camera height allowing it to sit flat when using larger lenses.
    USD $99.95
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  10. ZACUTO USA Quick Draw

    Model: ZDSLRQD
    SKU: ZAC-00141
    The Quick Draw is similar to our Rapid Fire but uses a handgrip instead of the chest as a point of contact. It has 2 points of contact by using the handgrip in one hand and your other hand on the camera.
    USD $643.97

    Out of stock

  11. Cinevate Simplis Solo - DSLR Rig

    Model: SIMP0000
    SKU: CIN-01210
    DSLR Support Rig
    USD $399.97

    Out of stock

  12. Cinevate DSLR Core Package

    Model: CIDAVERIG000
    SKU: CIN-01310
    Introducing Cinevate's new Core DSLR Package. The package includes 3 follow focus gear rings, 3 gear spoke kits and a tripod base plate.
    USD $2,698.00

    Out of stock

  13. ZACUTO USA Marauder

    Model: Z-DMR
    SKU: ZAC-00144
    The Marauder is the first of its kind, a foldable DSLR run’n’gun rig. It’s small enough to fit in your back pocket but when unfolded, it’s an extremely stable DSLR camera support.
    USD $736.25

    Out of stock

  14. Comodo Orbit

    Model: VB-1850
    SKU: CDO-01850
    Create beautifully fluid and stable footage with Orbit from Comodo, the world’s first twin-grip, mechanical gimbal camera stabilisation rig.
    USD $1,499.00

    Out of stock

  15. The ultimate motorized slider. Simple. Compact. Versatile.
    USD $500.00

    Out of stock

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