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Tripod & Monopod Accessories

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  1. MeFOTO SideKick360 Plus

    Model: MPH200A, MPH200B...
    Gold, Blue, Orange, Chocolate, Green, Pink, Purple, Black, Red, Titanium, White, Yellow
    SideKick360+ width clamp range = 2.99-3.58" (76-91mm)
    USD $35.00
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  2. MeFOTO's short column allows you to replace the center column of your RoadTrip travel tripod for low level shots. Minimum operating height with the short column is 12.7 inches off the ground. Works with both Aluminum and Carbon Fiber models.
    USD $28.00

    Out of stock

  3. Benro VT2 3-Leg Base for Monopods

    Model: VT2
    SKU: BNR-00130
    Adds mobility and stability to your current monopod. Fits monopods with removable 3/8" threaded foot.
    USD $34.00
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  4. Dot Line Corp Smartphone Clip for Tripod

    Model: DL-0906
    SKU: DOT-01126
    The DLC “Shark” is called that because of it’s spring loaded extremely wide mouth that opens to 3-3/8” allowing it to safely “grip” most smartphones.
    USD $11.97

    Out of stock

  5. Manfrotto 13mm Rapid Connect Mounting Plate

    Model: 400PL-LOW (3264L...
    SKU: MAN-00588
    13mm/ 0.51" tall rapid connect mounting plate for the 400 or 3263 Deluxe Geared Head. Supplied with both 1/4"-20 and 3/8" screws.
    USD $39.00
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  6. Mountaing plate for Olympus E10 and E20.
    USD $29.97
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  7. For Nikon: 500 f/4 AF-S versions I and II, and VR and 200-400 f/4 AF-S VR
    USD $79.00
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  8. Trek-Tech Cammock (with Drawstring Travel Bag)

    Model: Unavailable
    SKU: TRE-01138
    Trek-Tech's new Cammock multi-functions as a "shelf" or gear loft for keeping your gear off the ground, safe and handy, and at the same, provides valuable stabilization for your tripod.
    USD $24.97

    Out of stock

  9. Mountaing plate for Nikon D200 and D100.
    USD $29.97
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  10. Mounting plate for Kodak DCS-14N digital camera.
    USD $29.97
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  11. Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Short Column

    Model: 445CCS
    SKU: MAN-00628
    Short column for Carbon Fiber Series Tripods.
    USD $40.75
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  12. Manfrotto 522AV Lanc Cords

    Model: 522AV
    SKU: MAN-00771
    522AV LANC AV10PIN CABLE ADAPTOR New 522AV adapter for AV-R connection: 522AV "LANC AV10PIN CABLE ADAPTOR".
    USD $29.00
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  13. Manfrotto 521i Remote and 522AV Adapter

    Model: MVR901ECEX
    SKU: MAN-00769
    Clamp with remote (521i) and cable (522AV).
    USD $239.99
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  14. Extremely compact, offers movement in three directions, pan, tilt and side to side tilt. 3/8" screw camera attachment included.
    USD $289.99
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  15. This adapter plate has been specifically designed to eliminate unwanted rotation of the spotting scope during viewing.
    USD $83.00
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