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  1. Slik SPRINT PRO II GM Compact Tripod

    Model: 611-849
    SKU: SLI-611-849
    Designed to travel, the SPRINT PRO II GM is a compact tripod with 4 legs sections to collapse down to less than 19 inches.

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    Regularly $89.95

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  2. Slik Sprint Mini II GM with SBH-100DQ Head

    Model: 611-806
    SKU: SLI-611-806
    Extends to 43.4", Supports 3.5 lbs
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  3. Slik PRO 340 BHX with PBH-425DS Ball Head

    Model: 613-348
    SKU: SLI-613-348
    Combination of PRO 340DX legs and PBH-425DS Ball Head.
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  4. Slik PRO 340DX Black with 3-Way Head (Silver)

    Model: 613-340
    SKU: SLI-613-340
    Extends to 57.9", Closes t 19.29", Supports 11 lbs

    Now $79.95

    Regularly $99.95

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  5. Slik Pro 700DX with Head

    Model: 615-315, 615-316
    Black, Silver
    Extends to 74.8", Closes to 29.9", Supports 15 lbs
    Now $139.95
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  6. Slik Pro 724 CFL

    Model: 615-724
    SKU: SLI-615-724
    The tripod that back-packers and frequent travelers dream about. Narrower diameter leg tubes yield greater weight reduction.
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  7. Slik PRO BHX with PBH-525DS Ball Head

    Model: 613-500
    SKU: SLI-613-500
    The Slik PRO 500 BHX Tripod with PBH-525DS Ball Head has a max capacity of 8.8 lbs and is capable of supporting a full-size DSLR with standard lens
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  8. Slik PRO 634 CLF Tripod

    Model: 611-634
    SKU: SLI-611-634
    The most compact and the lightest of the full sized carbon fiber tripods, the PRO 634 CFL weighs a mere 2.5 lbs but with 4 leg sections the tripod can extend from its closed length of just 19.3 inches to it's full height of 62.0 inches. This tripod can handle up to 8.8 lbs of properly balanced equipment making excellent for photographer that are traveling without heavy lenses.

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  9. Slik PRO 340 QF Tripod

    Model: 613-345
    SKU: SLI-613-345
    Combination of PRO 340DX leg and 504QF II 3 way fluid video head. Suitable for D-movie.
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  10. Slik PRO 500HD Tripod

    Model: 613-345
    SKU: SLI-615-501
    Newly developed 2-handle 3-way tilt for use with SLR cameras. Slick is a unique lightweight material with medium-sized pipe and AMT alloy legs.

    Now $119.95

    Regularly $149.95

    After $30.00 Instant Savings

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  11. Slik Pro 330DX (Black)

    Model: 613-331
    SKU: SLI-613-331
    Extends to 63", Closes to 23.6", Supports 8.8 lbs

    Out of stock

  12. Slik PRO 824 CFL Tripod

    Model: 615-824
    SKU: SLI-615-824
    Full sizes carbon fiber tripod that reaches 61.8 inches when all 4 leg sections are fully extended but is only 19.9 inches when completely retracted.
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  13. Slik PRO 824 CF Carbon Fiber Leg Set

    Model: 615-387
    SKU: SLI-615-387
    Designed with the professional photographer in mind. Ultra heavy construction for use with D-SLR and 35mm still camera with long telephoto/zoom lens, large format camera and medium format camera.
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  14. Slik PRO 340BH Tripod

    Model: 613-344
    SKU: SLI-613-344
    Combination of PRO 340DX leg and SBH-200DQ ball head.
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  15. Slik Pro 723 CFL

    Model: 615-723
    SKU: SLI-615-723
    The PRO 723 CFL has three leg sections that when fully closed make the tripod only 23.2 inches in length but fully extend reach a maximum height of 63.8 inches. At 3.4 lbs this light-weight carbon fiber tripod can handle up to 11 lbs of properly balanced equipment.

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