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Meet Our Team

Your Head Honchos

  • Bruce Pallman
    Bruce Pallman
    Operating Partner
  • Corey Reinker
    Corey Reinker
    UsedPhotoPro and Internet Sales Director
  • Rob Collins
    Rob Collins
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Meredith Reinker
    Meredith Reinker
    Marketing & HR Director

Bruce Pallman

Bruce has been the President and Managing Partner of Roberts Distributors, LP since he started working here in 1976! After getting his law degree at Indiana University, Bruce decided that being a lawyer was a terribly boring idea and he came on board to work with his dad, Robert Pallman. It was his mission to take this small business to the next level. Bruce’s love of watching this place grow and evolve is what keeps him coming in every day. He loves his customers, he loves his staff and he loves watching the industry and the technology change and figuring out how to change with it. Bruce has four pretty great kids and a wonderful wife who are so proud of the company he has built.

Corey Reinker

After a ten year career in the wine sales business, Corey, Bruce’s son-in-law, came to work for Roberts Camera in 2011. Most of Corey’s friends thought he was insane…after all, other than loving to take pictures, he knew nothing about camera sales and who wants to work for their father-in-law?! But through it all, Bruce and Corey have remained best buddies and they work together every day to move things forward. Corey is running the UsedPhotoPro division of the business and learning everything he can about Roberts Camera and the photography industry. In his spare time of about 8 hours per week, you can find Corey cheering for the Ohio State Buckeyes or any very sad Cleveland team. But his true loves are his two beautiful daughters and wonderful wife!

Rob Collins

Rob is the official numbers guru at Roberts, otherwise known as our Chief Financial Officer. Rob earned his CPA after graduating with an Accounting degree from Butler University – Go Bulldogs! He does not want to date himself, but after spending 20 years in the accounting world in both private and public accounting, he came to work for Roberts in 2005. Rob loves what he does, but even more than that – he loves his wife and four children! He will probably love his children even more when they are all finished with college, and he does not have to account for those numbers anymore.

Meredith Reinker

Talk about working in the family business! Meredith is Bruce’s daughter and is married to Corey…so the work day is especially entertaining for her. After spending seven years at Leo Burnett in Chicago, Meredith came back to Indy to raise her two amazing daughters, live 5 minutes away from her parents and work for Roberts Camera. She is the Director of Marketing and Human Resources, and works every day to make sure this is not only an awesome place to shop, but that the staff thinks it’s an awesome place to work. Meredith’s grandparents and parents have given everything they had to make this business work and she intends to do the same.

Your Professional & Commercial Sales Team

  • Jody Grober
    Jody Grober
    Director of Professional & Commercial Sales
  • John Scott
    John Scott
    Professional & Commercial Sales Manager
  • Nick Henry
    Nick Henry
    Professional & Commercial Sales Associate

Jody Grober

Jody heads up our Pro/Mail-order Sales division as well as our website. Jody has worn quite a few different hats with Roberts since he started here in 1999. He actually worked here before 1999…but we can’t even locate his official start date, he has been here that long! Jody is our resident entertainer, and his professional customers love him and come to Roberts because of his quick wit, offensive humor, great deals and love of all things photography. Jody is a fantastic cook…although his gumbo is illegal in some places, and he recently returned from a safari photo trip in Kenya – which was his most unbelievable trip yet!

John Scott

John is a recent addition to our Professional & Commercial Sales team! But he is no newbie...he has been with our Carmel retail store since 2003. After starring in his 4th grade musical, John decided the actor's life was not for him and he turned to photography. He has been shooting professionally since 1997, and photography is truly his passion. That and rock climbing, which he started doing about 4 years ago. Luckily for him, photography has proved to be slightly more safe...just slightly. John's knowledge about the products and the business is second to none. He is thrilled to be working in this new area and to help grow this business because he knows that there are still those of you out there that value service and knowledge

Nick Henry

Nick is our main man on the ground for internet and professional/commercial/government sales! He is the go-to guy for our sales reps and the person that you will be most likely speaking to if you call us with questions about your order. Nick has been with Roberts since 2008. Before he joined this great team, Nick had grown up in Northern Indiana. He graduated with a BA from Ball State University where he studied...see if you can guess? Nope, you are wrong - he studied Classics! When he's not at work giving his customers excellent customer service, he likes to do everything from brewing beer at home to cooking, reading, attending local theater as well as volunteering. Nick is a left handed middle child of a preacher...so we were unsure about hiring him (it was mainly that weird leftie thing), but everything has worked out peachy! We hope you call to chat with Nick sometime - he will do everything he can to get you what you need. If you don't end up buying a camera, you will at least end up with a vocabulary lesson or some fun facts about mythology.

Contact Nick: nhenry@robertscamera.com

Your Stores

  • Phil Gibson
    Phil Gibson
    Indy Store Manager
  • Brett Demmary
    Brett Demmary
    Carmel Store Manager

Phil Gibson

Phil is the sales manager of our Downtown store location and has been with us since 1997! To say that Phil knows a lot about cameras is an understatement. Phil is a big supporter of the micro four-thirds movement and his gear of choice for his own shooting is Olympus (shooting pictures that is). He is also our resident video expert and will tell you point blank what gear works and what doesn’t. Phil is a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and will tell you his true thoughts and feelings about their current state on Twitter. In fact, the only things he loves more than the Steelers are his son and beautiful wife.

Brett Demmary

Brett is the head honcho of our Carmel store location and has been there since before its opening in 2001! Brett is the epitome of calm, cool and collected. He can answer all of your photography questions as well cook you up one of the best meals you have ever had – just watch out for his homemade hot chili powder, it will knock you over. Halloween is literally his favorite day of the year…which you probably could have guessed by his headshot. Brett loves spending time with this family and working at Roberts; and his fantastic staff at Carmel loves working with him.

Your Web Team

  • Derek Martin
    Derek Martin
    Website Manager
  • Emily Cullar
    Emily Cullar
    Web Catalog & Inventory Associate

Derek Martin

Derek is our resident web master (literally...he is it's master...he can make it do whatever he wants it to). He is also an extremely accomplished graphic designer, oil painter, photographer, and the list goes on. Derek has been with Roberts since 2007 and our website, logos, corporate design, and much more would be a failed disaster without him (just ask him sometime to see what our website looked like before he started here). Derek keeps us looking good and on the cutting edge day in and day out...despite the fact that his graphic design portfolio went unopened during his interview! When he's not in the office, he is a vocal advocate of bicycle commuting and commutes daily on one his probably-too-many bikes.

While he loves photography, rather than run a photo business on the side, Derek helps to build the Indy art community by donating time doing photos and design work for EclecticPond Theatre Company, a local community non-profit theatre. Derek feels like things have come full circle for him. His very first camera was a used AE-1 that his father gave him for a college photo class, and his dad is sure that he bought it right here at Roberts when it was a "new" camera!

Derek is also an exhibited Indianapolis artist under the moniker Zed Martinez (hey, you try getting anywhere with SEO page rank with a name like 'Derek Martin'), with work in both photography and oil painting.

Emily Cullar

Emily's picture is perfectly fitting because she likes to put those bad boys on and focus on work each and every day! It also helps her to tune out some of the loud photography debates that take place in the web department. Emily is our website catalog manager and she has one of the most detail oriented jobs at Roberts. She makes sure that YOU are not paying too much for your product and that you always have the most up-to-date rebate information...because no one needs to pay more than they should for great gear. Emily has been with us since March of 2011. She came to Roberts after deciding that law school was not for her because "she chose to be happy instead," and we couldn't be happier to have her. Emily is new to the world of photography, but she loves taking pictures of animals...especially if she can get her hands on an adorable corgi! If you have not seen our corgi canon on our Google+ page– we highly recommend you check it out. In her free time, Emily loves video games, avidly reading and writing, and obsessing over adorable animals...did we mention the corgis?

Your Services

  • Walt Kuhn
    Walt Kuhn
    Your Director of Education and Events
  • Scott Churchill
    Scott Churchill
    Your Lab Guy
  • Jeff Johansson
    Jeff Johansen
    Your Rentals Guy

Walt Kuhn

Walt bought his first camera a age 8. After working for my high school and college yearbook staff he never thought he would make a living in photography, but it's 23 years later and he still gets excited with every new day and the photographic challenges it brings. Although digital has changed the photography business, Walt likes it because it put a lot of the creative control back in the hands of the photographer. Specializing in portrait and sports photography those creative controls have never been more in demand. He has covered the last 22 Indy 500s, as well as the IndyCar series, Brickyard 400s, Formula One, Moto GP as well as football, and basketball games throughout Indianapolis. But Walt finds that being his own harshest critic and demanding the best has constantly pushed him to improve my work. Always looking for the unique angle has taught me that there is more than one perspective even from a place like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The fact that it has been around for over 100 years has made that challenge of finding the unique location even more fun. Working for large corporate clients has been very demanding but the rewards of a job well done make it all worthwhile. It’s a lot easier to love your job when you truly love what you do and enjoy going to work.

Scott Churchill

Scott manages the photo lab at Roberts (you can usually find him at our Downtown lab), and although he has been with us since 2004, he has actually worked in a photo lab since the age of 16! Since then, you could say that Scott has really DEVELOPED an active interest in photography (seriously - no pun intended, but feel free to insert laugh here). Hands down, the most fascinating part of the job for Scott is seeing what our customers capture. The never-ending creativity of imagery coming from our clients makes it easy to come to work each day.

At work or off the clock, Scott really enjoys all types of music from rap to rock to classic to jazz. The combination of sound and captured light turn the two-dimensional world of processing still photography into an amazing work environment. Scott loves his work and we love having him with us each day!

Jeff Johansen

Jeff, or J.J. as he is affectionately known around here, has been taking pictures for as long as he can remember. Even though he has only been with Roberts since 2011 - he has a long history with us after purchasing his first digital camera here back in 2000! J.J. heads up our Rental department and can help you get all that fancy gear and lighting equipment that you need for your shoot, but might not be ready to empty your pocketbook for! J.J loves photo technology and has owned more cameras over the years than he would care to admit. His favorite types of photography are portrait and photo art and he also highly enjoys using old lenses on new cameras to create unique and extra ordinary imagery. He has taught technology classes over the years and has degrees in pastoral theology and psychology so he is the full package of people and photography! He would love to talk to you about your photography needs and how Roberts can be your partner. When he is not at Roberts, J.J. runs his own photo business and has had the pleasure of shooting all over the country from the plantations of Kentucky to the beaches of Orange County to his hometown of Council Bluffs, IA where he was even named an honorary 'Brady' after a visit from Barry Williams!

Your Sales Associates

  • Anthony Alexander
    Carmel Sales Associate
  • Christina Asselin
    UsedPhotoPro Customer Service
  • Roxanne Bussell
    Repairs Manager
  • Harrison Cline
    Carmel Sales Associate
  • Nelson Coppedge
    Director of Used Purchasing
  • John Cornwell
    Carmel Lab Manager
  • Rich Culy
    UsedPhotoPro Asst. Manager
  • James Cunningham
    Used Purchasing Associate
  • Lisa Degler
    UsedPhotoPro Customer Service
  • Eric George
    Carmel Sales Associate
  • KC Goshert
    Rental and Used SalesAssociate
  • Jennifer Hall
    Finance Associate
  • Moxie Henry
    Purchasing Manager
  • Brandon Knapp
    Downtown Sales Associate
  • Laura Lohman
    Finance Associate
  • Vince Lohman
    Shipping & Receiving Manager
  • Josh Merritt
    Used Purchasing Associate
  • Jeff Moore
    Downtown Asst. Manager
  • Scott Mumphrey
    Carmel Assistant Sales Manager
  • Ken Paquin
    Downtown Sales Associate
  • Christy Pote
    Amazon Sales and Inventory Manager
  • John Qualkenbush
    Inventory Manager
  • Jamie Rich
    UsedPhotoPro Customer Service
  • Ed Sipes
    Web and Professional Sales Associate
  • Jarrid Spicer
    Carmel Sales Associate
  • Jonathan Taylor
    Downtown Used Manager
  • Cheryl Wessel
    Carmel Sales Associate
  • Mark Wikkerink
    Downtown Used Sales Associate
  • James Willis
    Downtown Sales Associate

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