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Profoto Heads, Packs and Battery Units

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  1. Profoto Acute2 1200 ProValue Pack

    Model: 900695 (501-011)
    SKU: PRF-900695
    Includes Acute2 1200 Pack and 2 Acute2/D4 Heads with Zoom Reflectors
    USD $3,942.00

    Out of stock

  2. Profoto Acute2 2400R ProValue Pack

    Model: 900796 (501-034)
    SKU: PRF-900796
    Includes Acute2 2400R Generator and 2 Acute2/D4 Heads with Zoom Reflectors
    USD $5,306.00

    Out of stock

  3. Profoto Acute2 2400 ProValue Pack

    Model: 900696 (501-021)
    SKU: PRF-900696
    Includes Acute2 2400 Generator and 2 Acute2/D4 Heads with Zoom Reflectors
    USD $4,820.00

    Out of stock

  4. Profoto 16' Head Extension Cable

    Model: 303518 (701-237)
    SKU: PRF-303518
    For Pro-7, Pro-7b and Pro-B heads. (5m)
    USD $391.00
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  5. Profoto Glass Cover Ringlight

    Model: 301503
    SKU: PRF-301503
    Set of 6 glass plates for ringflash head.
    USD $44.00
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  6. Profoto BatPac

    Model: 901124
    SKU: PRF-901124
    A safe, reliable and flexible battery/inverter to power Profoto D1, ComPact monolights or Acute2 generators on location.
    USD $2,099.00
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  7. Profoto Pro 7B Universal Power Adapter

    Model: 900765 (701-248)
    SKU: PRF-900765
    Universal Power Adapter for the Pro 7B
    USD $1,907.00
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  8. Profoto ZoomSpot

    Model: 100734 (501-216)
    SKU: PRF-100734
    A typical "Follow Spot", perfectly suited to create stage lighting effects, accent lights or background projection -- even over a huge distance.
    USD $10,887.00

    Out of stock

  9. Profoto Lamp Extension Cable 5M

    Model: 330601 (501-111)
    SKU: PRF-330601
    For Acute, Acute2 and ComPact Flash Heads. 16ft. for Acute Head (Yellow Marking)
    USD $309.00

    Out of stock

  10. Profoto ProHead Plus

    Model: 900753
    SKU: PRF-900753
    The ProHead Plus is an upgrade of the classic ProHead. For years, the ProHead has been the standard heavy-duty tool in the studio, and it has been so for a reason. It is built in a compact size, yet capable of producing flashes up to 4800 Ws, over and over again, hour after hour. The head is compatible the entire range of over 120 Light Shaping Tools and accessories.
    USD $2,447.00
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  11. Profoto Acute2R 1200

    Model: 900775 (501-032)
    SKU: PRF-900775
    Similar to the Acute2 2400, the 1200 offers even faster recycling and shorter flash durations in an even smaller package, at 19 x 22 x 13 cm (7.5" x 8.7" x 5.1") weighing a mere 4.1 kg (9 lbs). The perfect choice when 1200 Ws is enough.
    USD $2,271.00

    Out of stock

  12. Profoto Fresnel Small

    Model: 100789
    SKU: PRF-100789
    Projects a clean, crisp beam of light.
    USD $1,605.00

    Out of stock

  13. Profoto BarnDoor for MultiSpot

    Model: 100744
    SKU: PRF-100744
    Control the light spread with precision.
    USD $354.00

    Out of stock

  14. Profoto Acute B Head

    Model: 900938 (501-610)
    SKU: PRF-900938
    With our smallest battery pack, the AcuteB 600, there is also a special lamp head, the Profoto AcuteB Head, that, at a mere 1.8 kg, gives you 600 Ws flashes and an innovative modeling light, using a high-performance halogen lamp that, at 65 W, gives you the brightness of 90 W.
    USD $874.00

    Out of stock

  15. Profoto Battery Quick Charger for Pro-B4

    Model: 100304
    SKU: PRF-100304
    Recharges an empty Pro-B4 battery in less than 45 minutes!
    USD $672.00

    Out of stock

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