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  1. MagMod Professional Flash Kit

    Model: MMPROKIT01
    SKU: MGM-00202
    MagMod’s Professional Flash Kit has everything you need to create epic images quickly and easily. Control or diffuse light like a boss with a collection of our most popular modifiers and gels. Includes MagGrip, MagSphere, MagBounce, MagGrid, MagGel and Creative Gels.
    USD $189.95
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  2. MagMod Maggrip

    Model: MAGGRIP
    SKU: MGM-00140
    Hello magnets, goodbye velcro
    USD $24.95
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  3. MagMod Basic Kit

    SKU: MGM-00100
    Light control has never been easier
    USD $89.95
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  4. MagMod Magbounce

    Model: MAGBOUNCE
    SKU: MGM-00120
    Transform your flash instantly!
    USD $49.95
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  5. MagMod Magsphere

    Model: MAGSPHERE
    SKU: MGM-00110
    Softer light, every time.
    USD $49.95
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  6. ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBender 2 - Large Reflector

    Model: ROGUERELG2
    SKU: EXI-00064A
    The versatile FlashBender 2 Large Reflector is adaptable for use with on-camera or off-camera flash. As a shapeable reflector, it can be used as a bounce flash reflector, gobo, or snoot to soften, shape and control your main, background, hair, rim, or accent lights.
    USD $39.95
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  7. MagMod MagGrid 2

    Model: MAGGRID 2
    SKU: MGM-00150
    One grid to rule them all
    USD $34.95
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  8. ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBender 2 - Large Soft Box Kit

    Model: ROGUEBOXLG2
    SKU: EXI-00081A
    The Rogue FlashBender 2 soft box makes a beautiful main light for portraiture because it softens light while reducing contrast and specular highlights.
    USD $64.95
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  9. Eliminates harsh shadows and produces a more natural result.
    USD $9.97
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  10. MagMod Creative Gels

    SKU: MGM-00190
    A whole new world of color.
    USD $29.95
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  11. MagMod Starter Flash Kit

    Model: MMSTRKIT01
    SKU: MGM-00200
    MagMod’s Starter Flash Kit has all the basics you need to make flash photography fast, easy and awesome. Used on-camera or off, this kit will help you control or diffuse the beam of your speedlight. Includes MagGrip, MagSphere, and MagGrid.
    USD $99.95
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  12. Westcott Pocket Box 6" x 7" Mini

    Model: 266
    SKU: WES-00266
    Perfect for on-location photography, this PocketBox Mini is compact and can easily fit inside a gear bag or backpack.
    USD $16.90
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  13. 18 Color Correction Flash Gels (3 each of 6 different gels) individually labeled. Includes 3 Rogue Gel-Bands to color correct multiple speedlights. Includes Storage Pouch with Quick Reference Guide.
    USD $31.97
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  14. Finally a flash kit with education that ties in all aspects of camera settings, flash operation, lighting and more! Learn alongside Erin Manning with this complete system including 3 compact light modifiers!
    USD $49.90
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  15. Godox Wide Angle Ball Diffuser

    Model: AD-S17
    SKU: DOX-1056
    Domed diffuser offers 180 degrees of coverage. Soften the direct light to create diffused light.
    USD $17.99
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