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Flash Cables & Adapters

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  1. For adapting a -ACC stereo miniphone remote camera cable to a mono miniphone pre-trigger cable.
    USD $23.99
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  2. Nikon AS-15 Hot Shoe to PC Plug Adapter

    Model: 3066
    SKU: NIK-13225
    Hot shoe to PC plug adapter. The AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter is designed for use with Nikon cameras with standard ISO-type accessory shoes which do not have a sync terminal
    USD $20.97
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  3. Nikon BS-1 Accessory Shoe Cap

    Model: 4731
    SKU: NIK-20320
    Fits into the hot shoe of all Nikon SLR/D-SLR cameras and helps to keep out dust and moisture from the hot shoe.
    USD $3.97
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  4. Nikon AS-17 TTL Flash Unit Coupler for F3

    Model: 3072
    SKU: NIK-13227
    Enables you to use your Nikon TTL ISO hot-shoe Speedlights with your F3HP series camera.
    USD $149.97

    Out of stock

  5. Nikon SC-29 TTL Coiled Remote Cord

    Model: 4766
    SKU: NIK-13275
    The SC-29 TTL Remote Cord comes with two multiple flash terminals, making off-camera TTL flash control easy
    USD $81.97
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  6. Nikon SC-28 TTL Coiled Remote Cord

    Model: 4765
    SKU: NIK-13274
    The SC-28 TTL Remote Cord is comes with two multiple flash terminals, making off-camera TTL flash control easy. Approximately nine feet long.
    USD $58.97
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  7. The PROMASTER Off Camera TTL Cord is the perfect off camera flash solution. It gives you full off camera dedication between your Nikon flash and camera.
    USD $49.97
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  8. This Flashhead Adapter Cable is required to connect Ranger S or A Heads (from the Ranger RX / Speed or Speed AS Battery System) to the Ranger Quadra Power Pack.
    USD $126.00
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  9. Litra Cold Shoe Ball Mount

    Model: T22CSBM
    Mount your LitraTorch to a universal hot or cold shoe mount on camera, video or tripod. Light mounts to 1/4 20 threaded male post. Multi-function ball swivel joint with locking lever. High quality aluminum and steel construction with durable anodized and powder coat matte black finish.
    USD $20.00
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  10. Quantum Adapter (BQB)

    Model: BQB
    SKU: QUA-00055
    Adapts Bantam power cables to QB1 / QB1+
    USD $46.00

    Out of stock

  11. Sony Multi-Interface Shoe Adapter

    Model: ADPMAA
    SKU: SON-20430
    Compatible with Sony NEX-VG30, NEX-VG900, NEX-VG30H, NEX-6, Cybershot RX-1, A58, and A99.
    USD $24.99

    Out of stock

  12. PocketWizard MH3 Electronic Flash Cable

    Model: MH3
    SKU: LPA-804404
    Miniphone to Household, 3' Straight. For Comet, Norman, Speedo, Dynalite, Novatron, Lumidyne, Quantum Q-flash and Sunpak 120J, 555, 622.
    USD $19.50
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  13. Here is the perfect off camera flash solution. The PROMASTER TTL OFF CAMERA CORD gives you full off camera dedication between your camera and flash. Models are available to fit all digital and traditional cameras using a hot shoe flash from Canon
    USD $49.97
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  14. Profoto 16' Head Extension Cable

    Model: 303518 (701-237)
    SKU: PRF-303518
    For Pro-7, Pro-7b and Pro-B heads. (5m)
    USD $409.00
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  15. PocketWizard MP3 Electronic Flash Cable

    Model: MP3
    SKU: LPA-804407
    1/4" Phono to Miniphone, 3' Straight. For Balcar, Bowens, Whitelighting, Hensel, Photogenic, Calumet, Norman and Profoto.
    USD $16.99

    Out of stock

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