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Flash Accessories

Flash accessories such as mounts, adapters and brackets can often make life a whole lot easier. The Expoimaging Ray Flash is a ring flash that attaches to the hot shoe, and provides all around light for macro subjects, or an interesting catchlight in the eyes of a model.

Also in this category are various flash modifiers such as the Stofen Omni Bounce for the Nikon SB-600, or the RPS Studio Lighting Mini Softbox Diffuser for Speedlights. Batteries are an essential component for location shoots requiring flash - the Quantum Turbo Slim Compact Battery provides up to 400 full power flashes, and has no battery memory meaning you can top off the charge at any stage without having to worry about damaging the battery.

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  1. MagMod Professional Flash Kit

    Model: MMPROKIT01
    SKU: MGM-00202
    MagMod’s Professional Flash Kit has everything you need to create epic images quickly and easily. Control or diffuse light like a boss with a collection of our most popular modifiers and gels. Includes MagGrip, MagSphere, MagBounce, MagGrid, MagGel and Creative Gels.
    USD $189.95
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  2. MagMod Maggrip

    Model: MAGGRIP
    SKU: MGM-00140
    Hello magnets, goodbye velcro
    USD $24.95
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  3. MagMod Basic Kit

    SKU: MGM-00100
    Light control has never been easier
    USD $89.95
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  4. MagMod Magbounce

    Model: MAGBOUNCE
    SKU: MGM-00120
    Transform your flash instantly!
    USD $49.95
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  5. MagMod Magsphere

    Model: MAGSPHERE
    SKU: MGM-00110
    Softer light, every time.
    USD $49.95
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  6. ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBender 2 - Large Reflector

    Model: ROGUERELG2
    SKU: EXI-00064A
    The versatile FlashBender 2 Large Reflector is adaptable for use with on-camera or off-camera flash. As a shapeable reflector, it can be used as a bounce flash reflector, gobo, or snoot to soften, shape and control your main, background, hair, rim, or accent lights.
    USD $39.95
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  7. For adapting a -ACC stereo miniphone remote camera cable to a mono miniphone pre-trigger cable.
    USD $23.99
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  8. Godox Propac PB960 Battery (4500MaH)

    Model: PB960
    SKU: DOX-1049
    High-performance power pack for speedlites, dual output for powering two flashes simultaneously, greatly increases times of flashes, reduces recycle time, and improves working duration. Ideal and A MUST for event, wedding and location photography!
    USD $120.00
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  9. MagMod MagGrid 2

    Model: MAGGRID 2
    SKU: MGM-00150
    One grid to rule them all
    USD $34.95
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  10. ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBender 2 - Large Soft Box Kit

    Model: ROGUEBOXLG2
    SKU: EXI-00081A
    The Rogue FlashBender 2 soft box makes a beautiful main light for portraiture because it softens light while reducing contrast and specular highlights.
    USD $64.95
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  11. Nikon AS-19 Speedlight Stand

    Model: 4763
    SKU: NIK-13229
    For mounting remote Nikon Speedlights when used for wireless operation, can be attached to a tripod or light stand. Compatible with SB-800, SB-600, SB-80DX, SB-28DX, SB-28, SB-26, SB-25, and SB-24.
    USD $8.97
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  12. Nikon AS-15 Hot Shoe to PC Plug Adapter

    Model: 3066
    SKU: NIK-13225
    Hot shoe to PC plug adapter. The AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter is designed for use with Nikon cameras with standard ISO-type accessory shoes which do not have a sync terminal
    USD $20.97
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  13. Eliminates harsh shadows and produces a more natural result.
    USD $9.97
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  14. MagMod Creative Gels

    SKU: MGM-00190
    A whole new world of color.
    USD $29.95
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  15. Nikon BS-1 Accessory Shoe Cap

    Model: 4731
    SKU: NIK-20320
    Fits into the hot shoe of all Nikon SLR/D-SLR cameras and helps to keep out dust and moisture from the hot shoe.
    USD $3.97

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