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Bags & Cases

High-Quality Cameras Cases and Bags For Sale

For the traveling photographer, having the right camera cases and bags that fit and provide maximum protection to their camera equipment is quite essential. No matter where you are traveling to, or whether you’re traveling on the road or in the air, Roberts Camera has the best selection of camera cases and camera bags for sale that are highly compatible with all travel, storage, and camera types.

At Roberts Camera, we supply our photography enthusiasts with top-of-the-line camera bags, cases, and backpacks that are optimal for various storage and travel purposes. With a wide inventory of camera backpacks for sale, Roberts Camera is able to provide customers with camera cases and bags from top-trending, high-authority brands. Some of these fantastic brands include Thinktank, Lowepro, Manfrotto, Mind Shift, Tenba, Promaster, Vanguard, Pelican, ONA and so much more. You’ll find that many of these camera bags for sale feature waterproof, lightweight, and durable qualities that are essential in providing the appropriate amount of protection to camera equipment. Select cases also include a variety of foam covers, foam walls, and foam bottoms, for increased security. As camera equipment is very expensive and valuable, Roberts Camera strives to provide our customers with camera cases and bags that yield the best protection and durability.

Additionally, for our world traveling photographers, many of our featured camera bags and cases are equipped with wheels for easy airport travel and even follow airline size regulations for carry-on storage. For our clients who love to utilize drones for their photography, Roberts Camera also has a variety of cases and camera backpacks for sale that are ideal for camera and drone equipment storage.

Shop Roberts Camera’s extensive inventory of camera backpacks for sale and find the perfect option that meets all of your photography needs.

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  1. ThinkTank Photo DSLR Battery Holder 2

    Model: 968
    SKU: THI-00968
    Compact carrier for one or two standard DSLR batteries
    USD $10.75
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  2. ThinkTank Photo Airport Security V3.0

    Model: TT572
    SKU: THI-00572
    Capacity: 2 Gripped DSLRs with lenses attached plus 4-6 additional lenses, 17” laptop, and a 10” tablet
    USD $419.75
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  3. ThinkTank Photo Glass Limo

    Model: 192
    SKU: THI-00192
    Full size backpack with capacity for a 600 f/4 or standard DSLR kits
    USD $209.75
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  4. ThinkTank Photo Airport Accelerator

    Model: 489
    SKU: THI-00489
    Massive capacity, carry on size backpack which meets all domestic and international size requirements. Holds up to a 500 f/4 attached to a camera body or a 600 f/4 unattached.
    USD $279.75

    Out of stock

  5. ThinkTank Photo Airport Essentials

    Model: 483
    SKU: THI-00483
    High capacity, small-sized backpack which meets domestic and international size carry-on requirements. Fits up to a 300 f/2.8 attached to a camera body.
    USD $199.75
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  6. ThinkTank Photo Airport Advantage

    Model: 553
    SKU: THI-00553
    Capacity: 2 DSLR camera, 5-6 lenses, 15" laptop, and additional accessories
    USD $259.75

    Out of stock

  7. ThinkTank Photo Urban Disguise 35 Classic

    Model: 814
    SKU: THI-00814
    Capacity: 1 standard or gripped DSLR with lens attached, 1 additional lens, flash, tablet and up to a 13.3” laptop (with standard camera body only).
    USD $209.75
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  8. ThinkTank Photo DSLR Battery Holder 4

    Model: 969
    SKU: THI-00969
    Compact carrier for four DSLR batteries for standard size camera bodies.
    USD $17.75
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  9. ThinkTank Photo Digital Holster 50 V2.0

    Model: 881
    SKU: THI-00881
    Carries a pro size DSLR with a 70-200 f2.8 attached and its lens hood in position or reversed.
    USD $89.75
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  10. For use with Think Tank Hydrophobia on all screw-in type Nikon DSLRs
    USD $19.75

    Out of stock

  11. Hydrophobia eyepiece fits Sony a7/a9 series camera bodies and the A77
    USD $19.75
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  12. ThinkTank Photo Airport Roller Derby

    Model: 514
    SKU: THI-00514
    Fits a 15” laptop, a tablet, and up to 2 standard DSLRs with lenses attached or 1 pro DSLR and 1 standard DSLR both with lenses attached. Fits 6–7 standard zoom lenses or strobes. Accommodates a 400mm f/2.8 unattached. Easily maneuver this roller through crowded airports. The 4 dual wheel sets improve weight distribution and reduce muscle fatigue.
    USD $399.75
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  13. ThinkTank Photo Airport Commuter

    Model: 486
    SKU: THI-00486
    High capacity, carry on size backpack which meets all domestic and international size requirements. Fits up to 400 f/2.8 attached to a body or a 500 f/4 unattached.
    USD $219.75
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  14. ThinkTank Photo Speed Racer V2.0

    Model: 409
    SKU: THI-00409
    Carries a pro size DSLR with 2–3 lenses or accessories. Fits a 70-200 f2.8 detached from camera, lens hood reversed.
    USD $179.75
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  15. ThinkTank Photo 8 AA Battery Holder

    Model: 970
    SKU: THI-00970
    Soft, compact case for carrying eight AA batteries
    USD $9.75
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