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  1. Lastolite Professional Cubelite

    Model: LL LR1886, LL LR...
    Perfect for film or digital use, the 3ft Cubelite is ideal for product shots, glassware, and other shiny objects. The Cubelite takes the "light tent" concept to new heights of quality and convenience. Fully collapsible for space efficiency and easy transport, the Cubelite sets up in seconds to form a self-contained, completely enclosed shooting environment free of unwanted reflections and shadows.
    USD $79.00 - $159.00
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  2. Savage Product Pro LED Light Table

    Model: LED-PT15, LED-PT...
    Sizes: 15" x 15", 22" x 22"
    The Savage Product Pro LED Light Table is every commercial photographer’s solution to capturing attractive, professional quality product photography without the hassle of compiling an array of complicated lighting and background gear for small subjects.
    USD $221.99 - $275.99

    Out of stock

  3. Designed for either location or studio photography, the Outdoor Cubelite revolutionizes location use and offers photographers even more shooting versatility.
    USD $154.99
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  4. Kupo 35 lbs (15kg) Velcro Refillable Sandbag - Empty

    Model: KG083311
    SKU: KUPO-KG083311
    A sand bag is a what's known as a "Silent Grip" because it does its job efficiently without any complaints!
    USD $32.75
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  5. Now amateur photographers and online sellers can make professional looking digital images without hiring a professional photographer. The ImageMaker is an easy to use fluorescent lighting kit designed expressly for making images to be used on eBay and other online auctions.
    USD $105.95
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  6. This illuminated table transforms the standard Cubelite into an even more versatile solution for product photography.
    USD $489.97
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  7. Lastolite Professional Cubelite Studio (27")

    Model: LL LR8824
    SKU: LAS-00206
    The Studio Cubelite is the ultimate solution for product photography and takes our highly successful Cubelite concept even further.
    USD $329.99
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  8. Avenger Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp

    Model: C1000
    SKU: AVE-00200
    For mounting small-medium lights etc via a 5/8th stud on a drop ceiling.
    USD $11.00

    Out of stock

  9. 8" x 2.5" symmetrical R-Trac no-flat wheels combine advantages of pneumatic and solid wheels. 30% lighter than pneumatic wheels and features soft cushion ride, low rolling resistance, high-strength polymer hub, and no flat tire. Fits R12 caster.
    USD $15.99

    Out of stock

  10. Eckla Multi Holding Bar

    Model: 77961
    SKU: ROLLY-77961
    The Multi Holding Bar allows you to securely strap in fishing poles, paddles, tripods, firearms or other long objects to your Beach Rolly or Multi Rolly.
    USD $69.95
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  11. Promaster Tabletop Light Cube Kit

    Model: 2031
    SKU: PRO-79320
    The perfect solution for shooting smaller still life, product advertising photographs and more.
    USD $119.97

    Out of stock

  12. Eckla Fold Out Cargo Bar For Beach Rolly

    Model: 77747
    SKU: ROLLY-77747
    Get more space on the bottom of your Beach Rolly cargo area by 112 square inches by using the Fold Out Cargo Bar.
    USD $34.95

    Out of stock

  13. Tenba Heavy 30 Sandbag

    Model: 636-206
    SKU: TEN-636206
    Use these to hold down lightstands, cables and other objects on the set. Constructed like a saddle bag; two pockets can be filled with sand or lead shot to provide weight.
    USD $41.95

    Out of stock

  14. Multicart Transporter 660-012 R12 All Terrain
    USD $229.97

    Out of stock

  15. RuXXac Business Cart

    Model: 2234-51V3
    SKU: RUX-00001
    The smallest and most compact cart of the RuXXAc-line.
    USD $109.00
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