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Background Stands

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  1. A compact background support system
    USD $149.99
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  2. Promaster SystemPRO Background Stand System

    Model: 9811
    SKU: PRO-79020
    The new and improved PROMASTER SystemPro Background System offers a complete solution for your background support needs. The system comes complete with heavy duty stands, telescopic background support bar and a professional carrying/storage case.
    USD $119.97
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  3. Savage Multiple Polevault Stand

    Model: 63151
    SKU: SAV-63151
    Designed to support 3 cloth or paper backgrounds
    USD $274.99
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  4. RPS 10x10ft Portable Background EconoStand. This background stand offers excellent features at an economical price! All metal construction.
    USD $159.95
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  5. Savage Economy Background Stand

    Model: 60099
    SKU: SAV-20112
    Holds 53" or 107" WideTone Seamless Background Paper. Adjustable to 9' 6" wide and 7' 9" high. Matte black finish.
    USD $89.97
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  6. Savage 12′ x 12′ Background Stand

    Model: 601212
    SKU: SAV-601212
    Includes convenient carry bag
    USD $130.99
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  7. Promaster Background Crossbar Kit

    Model: 6813
    SKU: PRO-79023
    The ProMaster SystemPro Background Stand Kit turns any two light stands into a heavy duty background stand. The 4 section cross bar lets you create a stand 6', 9' or 12' wide.
    USD $49.00
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  8. Easily attach any collapsible backgrounds with a steel rim. Reliable magnetic connectors. Designed to fit industry standard 5/8 spigot connector.
    USD $144.99

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  9. This motorized background support makes rolling up paper or cloth backgrounds as simple as the push of a button, yet the system is portable.
    USD $309.97

    Out of stock

  10. Kupo Triple Hook Set for Background Paper Drive

    Model: KG084611
    SKU: KUPO-KG084611
    This set of hooks is designed to be mounted on a wall with screws or bolted to a pair of Convi Clamps and three Background Paper Drive Sets to support three rolls of seamless paper.
    USD $33.75
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  11. Westcott Background Stand

    Model: 1103
    SKU: WES-01103
    Fits collapsible backgrounds up to 7'. Telescopic for easy travel. Lightweight design. All-metal construction.
    USD $89.90

    Out of stock

  12. Kupo Background Paper Stand Set

    Model: KS201111
    SKU: KUPO-KS201111
    This kit comes with two 12' Stands, a 9' Crossbar, 2 Alli Clamps and a Carry Bag.
    USD $225.00

    Out of stock

  13. Savage Seamless Paper Storage Clip

    Model: D-TPC12
    SKU: SAV-00010
    Holds up to 6 rolls
    USD $49.95
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  14. Promaster Multi Background Stand

    Model: 2167
    SKU: PRO-79021
    The ProMaster SystemPRO Multi-Background stand is the perfect solution for backgrounds “on the go.” Holds “pop-up,” muslin or paper with ease.
    USD $119.95
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  15. Safe and easy way to set up background supports
    USD $350.88

    Out of stock

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