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  1. 19mm-42mm Diameter for BLBP2 Profoto B2 Cage
    USD $79.95
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  2. Avenger Large Gaffer Grip

    Model: C500
    SKU: AVE-00222
    Pelican gaffer grip that works on diameters from 15mm to 80mm.
    USD $79.99
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  3. Avenger Baby Grip Helper

    Model: D220
    SKU: AVE-00308
    Just as the name suggests, the Grip Helper is like three Grip Heads in one. Two independent grip heads sandwich a third with a fixed 16mm pin.
    USD $79.99
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  4. Rotolight Luxury Foam Hand Grip with 1/4" 20 Male Stud

    Model: RL-GRIP-14
    SKU: ROTO-01060
    Mount your Rotolight to a High Density Comfort foam grip, or use with microphone or third party accessory pistol grip style mount. (Perfect as a grip handle for a rail support system.)
    USD $29.99
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  5. Avenger 2.5" Griphead (Black) [Not Pictured]

    Model: D200B
    SKU: AVE-00302
    Avenger's most popular grip accessory.
    USD $34.99

    Out of stock

  6. Kupo Double Gag Grip Head

    Model: KG203911
    SKU: KUPO-KG203911
    The Double Gag Grip Head allows you to easily mount two light control frames into a single grip head.
    USD $43.50
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  7. Westcott Grip Head

    Model: 1881
    SKU: WES-01881
    An essential accessory for videographers
    USD $29.90
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  8. Avenger D800KIT Grip Kit and Bag

    Model: D800KIT
    SKU: AVE-00371
    Kit includes D200B grip head. All-in-one kit. Steel and aluminium alloy.
    USD $109.99

    Out of stock

  9. The strongest and most popular grip had in the industry. Plates feature 3/8" and 5/8" mounting holes. Weight 1.3lbs (0.6kg)
    USD $39.00

    Out of stock

9 Item(s)

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