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Clamps, Grips, & Arms

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  1. Single articulated arm with two sections. Top attachment with a 16mm spigot 3/8'' light attachment. Bottom attachment with a 16mm spigot (compatible with light attachment Superclamp) with 1/4'' thread.
    USD $34.99
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  2. Westcott Illuminator Arm Extreme

    Model: 5571
    SKU: WES-05571
    The super durable and stable Illuminator Arm Extreme gives photographers the ability to mount their reflectors and boards effortlessly. With grip mounts located on both ends and a telescopic all-metal arm, the Illuminator Arm Extreme can precisely position the new Omega Reflector and Westcott Illuminator Reflectors up to 72".
    USD $79.90
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  3. Kupo 20" Grip Arm with Big Handle

    Model: KG203212, KG2033...
    Black, Silver
    The 20" Grip Arm with Big Handle is a 2 1/2" Grip Head mounted on the end of a 20" steel bar 5/8" (16mm) in diameter that is painstakingly machined to create a rough non-slip surface. Available in a silver machined steel or black powder coated finish. Aluminum and steel construction.
    USD $30.95
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  4. Manfrotto Sliding Support Arm Only

    Model: 231ARM
    SKU: MAN-00388
    Quick release arm, used to mount standard 16mm light fixtures, attachments 16mm female and Spigot 013 (16mm male and 1/4'' - 3/8'' screws).
    USD $44.99
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  5. Dot Line Corp 11" Articulating Arm

    Model: DL-0392
    SKU: DOT-01123J
    Simple to use, yet extremely versatile design.
    USD $39.95
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  6. Kupo Grip Arm Support

    Model: KG200912
    SKU: KUPO-KG200912
    The Kupo Grip Arm Support is a lightweight telescopic arm with a Kupo Tiny Clamp on one side designed to attach to the 5/8" (16mm) steel grip arm and a unique threaded stud notched specifically for the Kupo 3 and 4 Way Clamp System that mounts onto the riser of a Master C Stand. Aluminum and Steel Construction.
    USD $67.75
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  7. Manfrotto Super Clamp with 2908 Standard Stud

    Model: 035RL
    SKU: MAN-00086
    Ideal clamp for photographic application. Ergonomic lever to securely lock clamping position.
    USD $29.99
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  8. Versatile 15cm (5.9”) friction arm with interchangeable 1 /4” attachments and additional 3/8’’ adapter included. Attachments can easily be replaced by using the included hex key included and are compatible with a range of different adapters.
    USD $89.99
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  9. Kupo Swivel Extension Arm, Hex Stud to 5/8" Receiver

    Model: KG001712
    SKU: KUPO-KG001712
    The KG001712 is a mini extension arm with a hexagonal stud on one side, designed for the Convi and Super Viser clamps, and a baby 5/8? (16mm) receiver on the other. It has a double ball elbow joint giving you the ability to articulate the two sides in any direction. Aluminum construction with steel ball clamps.
    USD $27.25
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  10. Fiilex Umbrella Holder

    Model: FLXA005
    SKU: FLX-02014
    Fits 7mm and 8mm Umbrella Rods
    USD $39.00

    Out of stock

  11. Interfit 11.8" Matinee Articulated Arm

    Model: INT344
    SKU: INF-00047D
    11.8" Matinee Articulated Arm
    USD $54.99
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  12. Avenger 20" Extension Arm

    Model: D500
    SKU: AVE-00319
    Normally used in combination with a Grip head (art. D200) it provides an extended grip point for scrims and flags.
    USD $39.99
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  13. Manfrotto Medium Hydrostatic Arm

    Model: 823
    SKU: MAN-01062
    9.25" Long with 5/8" and 1/4" Pins
    USD $219.88
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  14. Avenger Heavy Duty Super Clamp

    Model: C1550
    SKU: AVE-00210
    Extra strong version of Super Clamp because of a special manufacturing process named gravity casting, allowing heavier manipulation. Works on diameters from 13mm to 55mm.
    USD $49.99

    Out of stock

  15. Versatile 15cm (5.9”) friction arm kit with Anti-rotation attachment on one end, 1/4’’ attachment on the other end and Nano Clamp 386B-1 included.
    USD $129.99
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