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  1. Profoto D1 Stand

    Model: 101085
    SKU: PRF-101085
    Extends to 8'. Folds to 31". Load capacity is 10 lbs.
    USD $71.00
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  2. The Kupo Master C Stand with Turtle Base features a unique innovation in the world of C Stands that enables the still or moving image-maker of any skill level to open and collapse the legs of the base in under two seconds!
    USD $194.95
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  3. Westcott 10' Heavy-Duty Stand

    Model: 9910
    SKU: WES-09910
    This durable yet lightweight stand is now available with improved quality and lower pricing. 10'
    USD $59.90
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  4. Kupo 40" Turtle Base Kit (Silver)

    Model: KS704712
    SKU: KUPO-KS704712
    Includes stand, 2.5" Grip Head and 40" Grip Arm with Hex Stud
    USD $206.00

    Out of stock

  5. Promaster LS-6 Boom Light stand

    Model: 9238
    SKU: PRO-79052
    The ProMaster LS6 Multifunction Boom Light Stand is a versatile tool for every studio setup. It can be used as a standard vertical light stand or converted to a boom stand to help get the light right where you need it.
    USD $119.95
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  6. Manfrotto 11' Quick Lock Stand

    Model: 050B (3364QL)
    SKU: MAN-00124
    This Manfrotto Quick Lock Stand is a great addition to your lighting gear. Featuring quick lock levers, you are assured quick and easy set up. Air cushioning gives additional security to your equipment.
    USD $99.97
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  7. Manfrotto Stacker Light Stand

    Model: 1004BAC, 1005BAC...
    Sizes: 7', 8', 9', 12'
    The 5/8" "Baby" Male Spigot Lightweight Quick Stack Stands are another product innovation from Manfrotto Lighting Support. Their lightweight and compact-size make them a practical tool for your lighting support needs.
    USD $79.99 - $124.99
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  8. Dot Line Corp Boom with Stand (6')

    Model: RS-1145
    SKU: DOT-02180
    RPS 6 ft Boom Stand with Boom arm. This boom arm features a 2 section adjustable boom arm with a sandbag counter weight.
    USD $79.97
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  9. Manfrotto Black 3-Sec Combi-Boom Stand with Bag

    Model: 420B (3397B)
    SKU: MAN-00604
    Aluminium stand. Supplied with sandbag counterweight (empty) for maximum stability and smoothness.
    USD $204.99
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  10. Rode Microphones Micro Boompole Pro

    SKU: RODE-00179
    Ultra-Lightweight Modular Boompole - 2.2m
    USD $99.00
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  11. Manfrotto Basic Light Stand

    Model: 366B (3330), 367...
    Sizes: 6', 9', 11'
    This is a basic light stand that extends to a height of 6, 9, or 12 feet. It is designed to accomidate small light fixtures, reflective panels, or small boom arms.
    USD $64.99 - $86.99
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  12. Gepe Pro 10' 4 Section Light Stand

    Model: 805710
    SKU: GEPP-01010
    Load capacity: 6.6 lbs. Made from sturdy anodized black aluminum.
    USD $39.99

    Out of stock

  13. Phottix Saldo 280 Air Cushion Light Stand (110")

    Model: PH88211
    SKU: PTX-PH88211
    Air cushioned for added security when working with your lights
    USD $61.95
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  14. Manfrotto Stacker Light Stand 3 Pack

    Model: 1004BAC-3, 1005B...
    Sizes: 7', 8', 9', 12'
    The 1004BAC 5/8" "Baby" Male Spigot Lightweight stands are another product innovation from Manfrotto Lighting Support. Their lightweight and compact-size make them a practical tool for your lighting support needs.
    USD $229.99 - $344.99
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  15. Aluminum stand. 5 sections, 4 risers. An ideal stand for kits due to its compact design.
    USD $59.99
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