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  1. This adapter provides you with the easiest way of mounting your light fixtures or accessories upright onto the 3 and 4 Way Clamp System.
    USD $17.50
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  2. Kupo Camera Hex Stud 3/8"-16 M

    Model: KG005212
    SKU: KUPO-KG005212
    The KG002512 is a stud with a hexagonal adapter on one side to be mounted into a Convi or Super Viser Clamp and a round baby 5/8? (16m) adapter on the other with a 3/8?-16 male thread. The KG002512 is made from brass.
    USD $4.97

    Out of stock

  3. Smith Victor Corporation 563 Ball Stud with 3/8

    Model: 401222
    SKU: SMV-401222
    Use with 520S Collar or 540 Collar to attach reflector to 3/8 in. stand.
    USD $5.00
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  4. Kupo Baby 5/8" Stud, 66mm long for 3 and 4 Way Clamp

    Model: KG005712
    SKU: KUPO-KG005712
    This baby 5/8" (16mm) stud quickly attaches to any of the mounting locations on either the 3 Way Clamp (KG900412) or 4 Way Clamp (KG900712) to accept any light fixture or accessory with a baby (5/8" – 16mm) receiver. The KG005512 is 2.6" (66mm) in length. All accessories for the 3 and 4 Way Clamp System have a proprietary notch that slides into one of the mounting locations and is secured by turning the locking collar. Aluminum construction.
    USD $11.95
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  5. Manfrotto Double End Stud (1/4"-20 And 3/8") Adapter Spigot

    Model: 013 SPIGOT ADAPT...
    SKU: MAN-00027
    Universal 16 mm spigot with double male thread 1/4" and 3/8". Manfrotto 013 Replaces: 2972 3094
    USD $11.00
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  6. Same as 036-38 with 1/4" male threads.
    USD $8.00
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  7. Standard Stud with 3/8" Tip
    USD $8.00
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  8. Manfrotto Reversible Short Stud

    Model: 037 (2907)
    SKU: MAN-00094
    Plugs into Super Clamp 035 socket. To mount cameras, directly or with a camera head. 3/8'' and 1/4'' threads.
    USD $8.00
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  9. Light stand part 401983
    USD $4.60
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  10. Manfrotto 3/8" to 1/4" Adapter Stud

    Model: 149 (3084)
    SKU: MAN-00268
    This special Manfrotto 3/8" Adapter converts 1/4"-20 Threaded Tip to a 3/8" Tubular Stud. This replaces the Manfrotto 3084. Attachment: 3/8'' screw; attachment 2: 1/4" female thread; length: 0.79 in.; material: aluminum; weight: 0.11 lbs.
    USD $6.00

    Out of stock

  11. Kupo 6" Pump Cup with 5/8" Swivel Baby Receiver

    Model: KG088111
    SKU: KUPO-KG088111
    Kupo’s new range of pumping suction cups offers a temporary solid light mounting solution on smooth, nonporous surfaces.
    USD $94.95
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  12. Manfrotto Joining Stud

    Model: 061 (2913)
    SKU: MAN-00166
    Joining Stud for Superclamps.
    USD $6.00
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  13. Kupo Baby 5/8" Grip Arm Pin, 5" Long

    Model: KG002212
    SKU: KUPO-KG002212
    This 5” steel baby (5/8” – 16mm) pin is designed to be mounted in the head of a grip head, or grip arm and still have a few inches sticking out of the head where a light fixture or any other accessory with a baby receiver can be mounted.
    USD $8.00
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  14. Avenger Long 5/8" Double Stud

    Model: E250
    SKU: AVE-00403
    5/8 (16 mm) Spiggot not threaded
    USD $7.00

    Out of stock

  15. Lowel Stud-link

    Model: VIP-38
    SKU: LOW-07615
    5/8" (1.59 cm) stud with 1/4-20 screw, supplied with the Vipod. Can be used with Cam-link or directly on some video cameras.
    USD $7.97
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