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Continuous Lighting

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  1. Interfit 48cm (19") Fluorescent Ring Light

    Model: INT812
    SKU: INF-00812
    A cool-running, shoot through ring light. Ideal for creating an even, flat light with unique catch lights.
    USD $94.99
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  2. Savage 2000 Watt Location Light Kit

    Model: LED2000K
    SKU: SAV-LED2000K
    This 2000 Watt Location Light Kit is ideal for in-home and on-location photo shoots, interviews and more! Each of the two cool running Savage LED lights produce the equivalent of 1000 watts of incandescent light (13,000 lumens when included reflectors are used) while using only 100 watts of electricity and providing 50,000 hours of usage. Kit consists of two 1000 watt LED chip studio lights, two 7" reflectors, two 8' heavy duty light stands, two AC universal power cords and one heavy duty carry bag.
    USD $589.00

    Out of stock

  3. Savage 500 Watt LED Studio Light Kit

    Model: LED60K
    The Savage 500 Watt LED Studio Light Kit features two energy efficient, fan cool tri-band technology 30W LED chip bulbs. Each light generates the equivalent of 250W incandescent light, 5500K daylight balanced light and provide 20,000 hours of lamp life. Individual bulbs also available separately.
    USD $135.99
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  4. The Flex is a pliable, dimmable, water-resistant LED mat for video production and photography that produces an outstanding quality of light in both daylight, tungsten, and bi-color models. This cutting-edge technology is available in North America and Canada exclusively through Westcott Lighting. Cutting-edge Westcott Flex mats pair perfectly with Westcott’s new Scrim Jim Cine system, offering the ultimate in lighting control. Flex and Scrim Jim Cine Frame combinations offer many output options, sizes, and fabrics. Scrim Jim Cine Frames are the next generation of modular, lightweight, and ultra-portable filmmaking tools
    USD $2,599.90
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  5. Home Studio lighting made simple. This complete lighting kit contains all the products needed to obtain professional quality images while in the comfort of your own home
    USD $299.90
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  6. Using high power, high quality LED’s, this light produces the equivalent of 1500 watts incandescent light while only using 150 watts of energy.
    USD $599.95
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  7. This complete 3-light kit offers a main and fill light, as well as a third background light which will add depth and dimension to your subject.
    USD $249.90
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  8. Dot Line Corp CooLED 50

    Model: RS-5530
    SKU: DOT-02586
    Using just 50 watts of energy, it produces as much light as a 500 watt incandescent photoflood without the heat and at a daylight 5200°K making it perfect for either still or video work
    USD $199.00
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  9. Limelight Pixel Three Point Lighting Kit

    Model: VB1251US
    SKU: LIM-01251
    Kit includes: 3 x Pixel 300W Zoom Light, 3 x 4-leaf barndoor sets, 3 x compact lighting stands and a padded 3-head kit bag
    USD $1,520.00
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  10. Interfit Interfit Super Cool-ite Kit

    Model: PAT-INT117
    SKU: INF-00010
    2 Super Cool-lites with bulbs, stands, reflectors, softboxes, and cables
    USD $514.99
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  11. Westcott uLite 2-Light Kit

    Model: 404
    SKU: WES-00404
    Complete constant lighting kit with stands, lamps, and uLites. Includes 26" octagonal and 20" rectangular softboxes. Compact, heat-resistant housing. For both photo and video use.
    USD $199.90
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  12. Fiilex K302 Lighting Kit (3x-P360EX)

    Model: FLXK302
    SKU: FLX-00302
    The K302 Lighting Kit has all the same great qualities of Fiilex's K301 Kit, but with 20% more brightness per light, and DMX Control with the optional DMX Connection Box (sold separately). The K302 gives you the ability to create interview or traditional 3 point lighting set ups. The P360EX is a powerful high quality specular light. It reveals color with great accuracy, and gives you control over the light quality. With the color tunabilty you can match existing light sources and keep everything on color. The kit is very portable, it comes with three P360EX color tunable light heads, power adapters, barndoors, light stands, softbox and a speedring.
    USD $2,849.00

    Out of stock

  13. The ProMaster Vari-Temp Camera/Camcorder LED Light will help you get amazing video and photos with your digital still camera or camcorder.
    USD $199.95

    Out of stock

  14. An ideal location kit, this kit contains everything needed to take the Spiderlite TD3 wherever you go. Complete with the lightweight NiCd battery, charger and inverter, you can power fluorescents for up to 90 minutes or achieve over 800 flashes using strobe.
    USD $1,299.90
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