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Flash Cables & Adapters

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  1. ExpoImaging Ray Flash 2: Universal Ring Flash Adapter

    Model: RFU-S, RFU-L
    Sizes: Small, Large
    The patented Ray Flash 2 creates the characteristic ring flash look, a shadow-wrapped, flat lighting effect valued by photographers for fashion, portrait, and macro photography. To create this effect, the Ray Flash’s acrylic light guides efficiently direct light from a camera mounted speedlight into a circle around the camera’s lens.
    USD $139.95

    Out of stock

  2. Phottix TTL Flash Remote Cord for Olympus

    Model: PH38360
    SKU: PTX-PH38360
    Convenient for using a flash light apart from the camera. The Off Camera Shoe Cord is an accessory used for moving the flash off the camera. All automatic functions of the Olmpus cameras are retained. Approx. 90cm. (3-ft.).
    USD $26.95

    Out of stock

  3. Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2

    Model: 2478A002
    SKU: CAN-13350
    Dedicated clip-on transmitter for E-TTL/E-TTL II wireless flash system.
    USD $249.97
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  4. Nikon AS-15 Hot Shoe to PC Plug Adapter

    Model: 3066
    SKU: NIK-13225
    Hot shoe to PC plug adapter. The AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter is designed for use with Nikon cameras with standard ISO-type accessory shoes which do not have a sync terminal
    USD $20.97

    Out of stock

  5. Canon 300 Connecting Cord

    Model: 2388A001
    SKU: CAN-20464
    Connecting cord for Canon flashes. 9.8' straight
    USD $52.97

    Out of stock

  6. Lowel 12' Extension Cable (for model P1-10)

    Model: P1-80
    SKU: LOW-06310
    12' Extension Cable (for model P1-10)
    USD $15.97
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  7. Adapts Elinchrom standard flashheads to the Ranger RX power packs. (Mains modeling lamp and fan are deactivated.)
    USD $194.50
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  8. 5.5 yards for compacts
    USD $44.89
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  9. Sync-in cord 18"(.5m), PC male to FreeXWire accessory connector.
    USD $36.00
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  10. Profoto 16' Head Extension Cable

    Model: 303518 (701-237)
    SKU: PRF-303518
    For Pro-7, Pro-7b and Pro-B heads. (5m)
    USD $391.00
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  11. Nikon SC-29 TTL Coiled Remote Cord

    Model: 4766
    SKU: NIK-13275
    The SC-29 TTL Remote Cord comes with two multiple flash terminals, making off-camera TTL flash control easy
    USD $81.97
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  12. Canon 60 Connecting Cord

    Model: 2387A001
    SKU: CAN-20460
    Connecting cord by Canon. 2' coiled
    USD $47.97

    Out of stock

  13. Nikon BS-1 Accessory Shoe Cap

    Model: 4731
    SKU: NIK-20320
    Fits into the hot shoe of all Nikon SLR/D-SLR cameras and helps to keep out dust and moisture from the hot shoe.
    USD $3.97
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  14. Elinchrom 11.5' Head Cable For Ranger Quadra

    Model: EL 11002
    SKU: ELI-11002
    The RQ Flashhead Cable connects the RQ A / S Heads with the Ranger Quadra Battery power pack. The cable is available in 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 m. The standard Flashhead Cable supplied with each RQ Flashhead is 2.5 m.
    USD $116.50
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  15. Tundra AC Adapter for Lightbox

    Model: 96AC6V
    SKU: TUN-00068A
    6 volt AC adapter for 4x5 lightbox.
    USD $9.97
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