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Focusing Screens

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  1. Canon EG-S Super Precision Focusing Screen

    Model: 3357B001
    SKU: CAN-21374
    For EOS 5D Mark II
    USD $44.97
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  2. Canon EC-CV Focusing Screen

    Model: 6006B001
    SKU: CAN-21321E
    Focusing screen for the Canon EOS-1D X Camera.
    USD $37.97
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  3. Canon Screen Ec-C II Overall Matte

    Model: 4727A001
    SKU: CAN-21320
    This is a standard screen for EOS 1N RS cameras. It compensates for decreased brightness due to low reflection from pellicle mirror. It incorporates Standard LaserMatte f/1v for focusing.
    USD $32.97
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  4. Canon EC-1Ds Focusing Screen Black Mask

    Model: 0055T165
    SKU: CAN-21318
    Ideal for the portrait and wedding photographer, the set Black Mask includes two focus screens - one with 4x5 (or 8x10) crop with an opaque black mask outside the picture area and a second screen that is masked for a square composition. Partial or spot metering is recommended for these screens. E-TTL II flash exposure will definitely require significant compensation. FEL (Flash Exposure Lock) in conjunction with either partial or spot metering is recommended. For use with the EOS 1Ds
    USD $129.97
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  5. Canon EE-S Focusing Screen

    Model: 0830B001
    SKU: CAN-21350
    EE-S Focusing Screen for EOS 5D.
    USD $37.97

    Out of stock

  6. Canon Grid Screen EF-D

    Model: 2377B001
    SKU: CAN-21358
    Grid line replacement focus screen for EOS 40D
    USD $39.97
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  7. Nikon Type E III Focusing Screen

    Model: 25283
    SKU: NIK-21962
    Type E III Focusing Screen for D2X and D2Hs (25283)
    USD $29.97
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  8. Canon EC-1D Focusing Screen Crop Lines

    Model: 0055T168
    SKU: CAN-21316
    Ideal for the portrait and wedding photographer, the set Crop Lines includes two focus screens - one with 4x5 (or 8x10) crop lines etched on the screen, and a second screen with lines for square composition. All exposure metering can be performed normally in camera, and red focus point illumination remains fully active. For use with the EOS 1D.
    USD $129.97
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  9. Canon Screen Ed-C

    Model: 4713A001
    SKU: CAN-21338
    Laser matte screen
    USD $31.20
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  10. Canon Ee-D Grid-type Focusing Screen

    Model: 0829B001
    SKU: CAN-21348
    For EOS 5D. This focusing screen maximizes viewfinder brightness and is optimized for use with f/5.6 EF lenses and slower. 3-line (horizontal) by 6-line (vertical) grid.
    USD $37.97
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  11. Nikon Type V III Focusing Screen

    Model: 25316
    SKU: NIK-21964
    Type V III Focusing Screen (repl.) for D2X (25316)
    USD $27.97
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  12. Canon Standard Screen EF-A

    Model: 2376B001
    SKU: CAN-21356
    Standard focusing screen for EOS 40D
    USD $39.97
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  13. Canon Ec-R Focusing Screen Bright

    Model: 4728A001
    SKU: CAN-21328
    For EOS 1, 1N, 1N-RS, 1V, 1V-HS, EOS 3, D2000, and 1D series.
    USD $37.97
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  14. Sony Type L Focusing Screen for A900

    Model: FDAFL1AM
    SKU: SON-20450
    Customize your α900 with gridlines in the viewfinder, using the FDA-FL1AM type L focusing screen. It makes Rule of Thirds composing easy. This user-exchangeable screen comes complete with tweezers and storage case.
    USD $39.99

    Out of stock

  15. ZACUTO USA Finder Frame

    SKU: ZAC-00120
    Want to put your Z-Finder on multiple cameras? This is the answer. Additional Z-Finder mounting frames.
    USD $11.97

    Out of stock

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