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  1. Phottix Aion Wireless Timer and Shutter Release

    Model: PH16375, PH16377
    Available For: Canon, Nikon
    Phottix Aion Wireless Timer and Shutter Release
    USD $95.95
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  2. Phottix Strato II Multi T-in-1 Trigger Set (All Cables)

    Model: PH15651, PH15653...
    Available For: Canon, Nikon, Sony
    The Strato II Multi can be used as a flash trigger, or wired/wireless shutter release. Set up four or more cameras and take photos from multiple vantage points from one location. Great for sporting or other special events.
    USD $79.00 - $109.95
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  3. Nikon MC-36A Multi-Function Remote Cord

    Model: 27032
    SKU: NIK-21625
    The MC-36A Multi-Function Remote Cord provides a simple trigger function and can activate the bulb function on certain Nikon D-SLR cameras. Functions as a timer remote and can be programmed to function as an intervalometer.
    USD $164.97
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  4. Nikon MC-30A Remote Trigger Release

    Model: 27030
    SKU: NIK-21619
    Allows for remote firing of a camera with trigger-lock function by keeping the shutter release button depressed (for Bulb shooting). Compatible with the Nikon D300S, D3X, D4, D700, and D800.
    USD $62.97
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  5. Manfrotto MVR911ECCN HDSLR Clamp-on Remote Control

    Model: MVR911ECCN
    SKU: MAN-02808
    One of the world’s first true electronic HDSLR remote controls, the Clamp-On Electronic Remote Control for Canon HDSLRs lets you react quickly to changing contexts and creative inspiration.
    USD $699.88
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  6. Canon 60 T3 Remote

    Model: 2393A001
    SKU: CAN-21290
    60 T3 Remote. This is an electromagnetic cable release fitted with a 2ft. cord and a three-pin terminal that allows independent control of light metering and shutter release.
    USD $49.97
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  7. The WR-T10 is a Wireless Remote Controller that is designed to work with the WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller (transceiver) to wirelessly control the shutter release on Nikon D-SLRs. The WR-T10/WR-R10 units use radio frequencies to communicate; by pairing together a WR-T10 and one or more WR-R10 units.
    USD $79.97
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  8. 3.3' remote cord with banana plugs
    USD $64.97
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  9. Panasonic DMW-RSL1 Wired Remote

    Model: DMW-RSL1
    SKU: PAN-00394
    Wired Remote for Panasonic Lumix Digital Cameras L10, L1, FZ50, G1
    USD $79.97

    Out of stock

  10. Nikon WR-A10 Wireless Remote Adapter

    Model: 27103
    SKU: NIK-23368
    The WR-A10 Wireless Remote Adapter is designed to work with the WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller (transceiver), allowing it to be connected to select Nikon D-SLRs with a 10 pin connector, to wirelessly control the shutter release.
    USD $59.97

    Out of stock

  11. Canon LC-5 Wireless Controller

    Model: 0295B001
    SKU: CAN-21032
    The Canon Wireless Controller LC-5 simply attaches to a compatible camera's accessory shoe or can be separately attached to a supplied bracket and connected to the camera's three-pronged N3 Remote socket with the supplied 15-inch receiver cable. The unit is triggered with a pocket-sized transmitter that sends an infrared pulse-modulated strobe signal to the receiver.
    USD $469.97

    Out of stock

  12. Dot Line Corp Programmable Interval Time

    Model: DL1580, DL1582, ...
    This multi-function, programmable intervalometer has 5 functions: Time-lapse, Long Exposure (bulb), Timed Exposures, Self-Timer, and standard Remote Shutter Release.
    USD $49.95

    Out of stock

  13. Nikon ML-3 Compact Modulite Remote

    Model: 4645
    SKU: NIK-21740
    Enables remote control up to 8m (26.2 ft.) via an infrared ray.
    USD $229.97
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  14. Canon Remote Switch RS-60E3

    Model: 2469A002
    SKU: CAN-21310
    For the Rebel X, G, 2000. This remote switch, with a 2-ft. cable, replicates all the functions of the camera AEs shutter- release button. 1 Lithium ion battery required.
    USD $27.97
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  15. Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Controller

    Model: 4524B001
    SKU: CAN-21306
    Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Controller for Canon XT/XTi, XSi, T1i and T2i Digital SLR Cameras
    USD $24.97
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