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  1. VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly SL700 Travel Kit (1.6x)

    Model: VD3262457
    SKU: VDU-00008J
    Kit includes: Arctic Butterfly SL700, swabs for 1.6x Sensor (12pk) (Orange Series), VDust Formula Solution, Lens Clean Solution (30mL), Magic Cleaner Microfiber Cloth, Carry Case
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  2. Lenspen Lenspen

    Model: NLP-1
    A superb new tool in optical lens cleaning technology. Perfect for cleaning camera lenses, binocular lenses, small aperture spotting scopes and telescopes, eyepieces, and other optical items. Comes with a handy retractable dust removal brush and a special non-liquid cleaning element, designed to never dry out. Safe and very easy to use.
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  3. Dot Line Corp DSLR Cleaning Kit

    Model: DL-4410P
    SKU: DOT-01153
    Includes retractable brush, microfiber cleaning cloth, Fusion LCD cleaner, and a high pressure DLC blower. Everything needed to clean your digital camera.

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  4. Promaster Hurricane Blower

    Model: 3899
    SKU: PRO-14045
    The PROMASTER Hurricane Blower is a double-valved rubber blower that when squeezed, produces a very powerful "jet" of air designed to remove dust and dirt particles on the camera, lens and imaging sensors.
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  5. Photographic Solutions Inc 4x4 Photo Wipes - 100 PK

    Model: PAD100
    SKU: PHS-00003
    Pec Pads are extremely strong, lint-free and so soft and pure it is almost impossible to scratch an emulsion with them
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  6. Dot Line Corp Contact Cleaner

    Model: HA-5629
    SKU: DOT-04000
    HAMA Contact Cleaner. A thick glass fiber tip (about 1" long) cleans contacts in a jiffy. The tip extends by twisting, similar to a lipstick.
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  7. Dot Line Corp Digital Care Kit with Waterproof Case

    Model: DL-4415
    SKU: DOT-01155
    This camera cleaning kit has all of the usual items: blower brush, lens cleaning liquid, cotton swabs and lens tissue, but clearly provides more, a waterproof case that can hold a digital point and shoot camera, or a cell phone, or a PDA, or an MP3 player making it the perfect cleaning kit .
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  8. Hoodman Corp Lens Cleanse Natural Cleaning Kit

    Model: HLC, HLC12
    Sizes: Singles, 12 Pack
    Enzyme activated. Eco responsible.
    $0.97 - $9.97
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  9. VisibleDust DHAP- Vswab 1.0x

    Model: VD4080502
    SKU: VDU-00019A1
    Vswab from VisibleDust is a new innovative unique (patent pending) design of Sensor cleaning swabs.*12 swabs per pack- it fits full sensor size such as Nikon D3, 1dsMK III and 5D.
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  10. Soft, safe cleaning cloth for lenses and glasses
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  11. VisibleDust HDF Sensor Brush

    Model: VD3139657
    SKU: VDU-00010
    As an extra replacement brush for use with the Arctic Butterfly the HDF Sensor Brush has been designed for extreme dusting.
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  12. Promaster Super Giant Blower

    Model: 3906
    SKU: PRO-14100
    The PROMASTER Super Giant Blower is a double-valved rubber blower that when squeezed, produces a very powerful "jet" of air designed to remove dust and dirt particles on the camera, lens and imaging sensors.
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  13. Promaster Cotton Gloves - Pack of 12 (Large)

    Model: 9061
    SKU: PRO-14300
    Perfect for use in your lab and framing department.
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  14. Pro 1.3x Sensor Brush Kit with Spinning Device

    Out of stock

  15. Lenspen MicroPro Lens Cleaner

    Model: MCP-1
    SKU: OME-00222
    LensPen MicroPro safely and effectively cleans microcamera lenses. With its specially designed tip, it applies the LensPen compound to places its bigger brothers can't reach.
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