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  1. Canon LA-DC52F Lens Adapter

    Model: 9963A001
    SKU: CAN-20972
    Provides a 52mm filter mount for adding Wide Angle and Telephoto Lenses and filters or other lens accessories to the Canon PowerShot A510, A520 and A540 Digital Cameras.

    Out of stock

  2. Canon LA-DC58B Lens Adapter

    Model: 8160A001
    SKU: CAN-20982
    58mm Conversion Lens Adapter for the G-3 and G-5 Digital Cameras
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  3. Canon LA-DC52C Conversion Lens Adapter

    Model: 8485A001
    SKU: CAN-20968
    52mm Conversion Lens Adapter for the PowerShot A-60, A-70, A-75, and A85 Digital Cameras

    Out of stock

  4. Canon LA-DC58C Lens Adapter

    Model: 9142A001
    SKU: CAN-20984
    58mm Conversion Lens Adapter for the PowerShot Pro 1 Digital Camera

    Out of stock

  5. Olympus FCON-T01 Fisheye Converter Lens

    Model: V321190BW000
    SKU: OLY-22326
    Fisheye Converter Lens for the TG-1 iHS. Waterproof to 40 ft. Adapter sold separately.

    Out of stock

  6. Panasonic DMW-LA4 Lens Adapter

    Model: DMW-LA4
    SKU: PAN-00382
    Allows use of 46mm accessory units. High quality aluminum design. Compatible with FZ Series.
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  7. Canon LAH-DC10 Lens Adapter

    Model: 9223A001
    SKU: CAN-21010
    52mm Conversion Lens Adapter and Lens Hood Set for the PowerShot S1-IS Digital Camera

    Out of stock

  8. Canon LA-DC52D Conversion Lens Adapter

    Model: 9086A001
    SKU: CAN-20970
    52mm Conversion Lens Adapter for the Powershot A-80 and A95 Digital Cameras. Necessary in order to use telephoto and wide-angle modifiers with PowerShot A80 and PowerShot A95 cameras.

    Out of stock

  9. Canon FA-DC58E Filter Adapter

    Model: 9554B001
    SKU: CAN-20799E
    Filter adapter for Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II.
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  10. Canon Lens Adapter for G2/1

    Model: LA-DC58
    SKU: CAN-20980
    58mm Conversion Lens Adapter for the G-1 and G-2 Digital Cameras

    Out of stock

  11. Canon TC- DC52A Converter

    Model: 9085A001
    SKU: CAN-21484
    For use with PowerShot A80, A95

    Out of stock

  12. Canon WC-DC52A Wide Angle

    Model: 9222A001
    SKU: CAN-21544
    0.7x Wide Angle Conversion Lens for the Powershot S1 IS Digital Camera
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  13. Sony LHP-1 Lens Hood for Cyber-shot RX1

    Model: LHP1
    SKU: SON-20878
    Block unwanted light and help protect the lens of your Cybershot RX-1 camera from shocks and dust with this lightweight lens hood.
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  14. Canon Tele Converter TC-DC58C

    Model: 1594B001
    SKU: CAN-21496
    Tele Converter TC-DC58C for Powershot G7

    Out of stock

  15. Nikon UR-E20 Adapter Ring

    Model: 25750
    SKU: NIK-23088
    Attaches various converter lenses to specific Nikon COOLPIX cameras. Required for use with the TC-E3ED Telephoto Converter and the WC-E67 Wide-Angle Converter Lens. Compatible with the Coolpix P5000 and P5100.
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