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Neutral Density Filters

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  1. For Optura 400/500 and ZR 80/85.
    USD $59.97
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  2. B+W ND 3.0 10 Stops (SC)

    Model: 65-1066175, 65-1...
    Sizes: 67mm, 77mm
    With a light intensity reduction of ten f-stops, this B+W Neutral Density Filter has a slightly stronger warm tone than the ND 106. Its principal field of application is the observation and documentation of industrial processes with extreme brightness, such as steel furnaces, incinerators, glowing filaments in halogen- and other bulbs. The filter factor is 1000x.
    USD $68.97 - $70.97
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  3. The MC protector can be attached permanently to a video camcorder to protect the lens. It has no effect on colors. The ND8 filter reduces the amount of light entering the lens to 8/8 without influencing the coloration, and it prevents overexposure even under extremely bright lighting conditions. 27mm diameter.
    USD $59.97

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  4. Tiffen Variable ND Filter

    Model: 52VND, 58VND, 62...
    Sizes: 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm
    The Tiffen Variable ND filter is a unique, versatile and flexible tool, affording you the convenience of using several Neutral Density filters all in one. Primarily used as a photographic tool for controlling depth of field and exposure, the Variable ND is being sought in the video market as well because it is fast, easy to use, small, lightweight, and does not require additional accessories such as a matte box.
    USD $99.95 - $159.95
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  5. Formatt Hitech 100x150mm Neutral Density Kit 6

    Model: HT150GKIT6
    SKU: HIT-150GKIT6
    3 soft edge 1, 2, and 3 Stop filters measuring 100x150mm. These filters will not affect color. Fits Cokin P filter holder.
    USD $248.61

    Out of stock

  6. Formatt Hitech 100x150mm ND Graduated Soft Edge Filter

    Model: HT150NDSE0.3, HT...
    0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2
    Graduated neutral density filter. Clear at the bottom with transition at the top. Used for light reduction in landscape photos, controlling depth of field, and permitting wider use of apertures. No effect on color.
    USD $110.50
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  7. Promaster Variable ND Filter (82mm)

    Model: 9573
    SKU: PRO-19169
    The PROMASTER Variable Neutral Density filter allows total lighting control in virtually any environment. Completely variable from a factor of ND3 to ND400.
    USD $79.97
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  8. Formatt Hitech 150x150mm ND Prostop

    Model: HT150PS6, HT150P...
    The Pro Stop range has been designed for use on long exposures and is available in 5 densities. They are primarily used to control the image on longer exposures allowing use of much slower shutter speeds. The visible effects created by using longer exposures is the effect of motion blur on any movement within your pictures, such as clouds, waterfalls, seas and rivers.
    USD $251.82

    Out of stock

  9. Formatt Hitech 100mm ND Master Kit SE

    Model: HT100NDMKIT
    The Hitech 4x4" ND Master Kit includes both Neutral density Soft Edge Graduate kit and Neutral density Standard kit. Neutral density filters (also known as NDs) produce a grey neutral tone and are used to reduce light, enabling more control over exposure and depth of field without affecting color or contrast.
    USD $287.28
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  10. Contains 3 reverse graduated filters. Most dense at the middle of the filter to prevent the center from being blown out. No effect on color of the photo.
    USD $414.34
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  11. Formatt Hitech 100mm Prostop Neutral Density Filter

    Model: HT100NDPS1.8, HT...
    6 Stop, 7 Stop, 8 Stop, 9 Stop, 10 Stop
    The visible effects created by using longer exposures is the effect of motion blur on any movement within your pictures, such as clouds, waterfalls, seas and rivers.
    USD $173.09
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  12. Benro Master Variable Neutral Density Filters give you the versatility of having multiple neutral density values available in one filter.
    USD $193.00

    Out of stock

  13. Formatt Hitech 100mm ND Filter Kit

    Model: HT100NDKIT
    Contains 1-, 2-, and 3-stop filters.
    USD $165.72
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  14. Limit 1-9 stop
    USD $211.00

    Out of stock

  15. Hoya Solas IRND 2.7 9 Stop Filter

    Model: XSL-49IRND27, XS...
    Sizes: 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm
    The Hoya SOLAS IRND filters were created using the latest materials and Japanese manufacturing processes to maintain a neutral color rendition throughout their density range .
    USD $53.90 - $151.90
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