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  1. Promaster Digital HD Circular Polarizing Filter

    Model: 6378, 6385, 6399...
    Sizes: 37mm, 40.5mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 86mm
    The neutral gray HD polarizing material guarantees excellent images while minimizing loss of light.
    USD $69.95 - $139.95
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  2. A circular polarizer filter removes glare from reflective surfaces like water and glass; also increases the contrast in landscape photography.
    USD $254.00

    Out of stock

  3. Sigma WR UV Filter AFE9B0 (67mm)

    Model: AFE9BO
    SKU: SIG-01116
    An ideal, colorless filter for regular use- it will not affect color reproduction
    USD $70.00
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  4. Canon UV Haze Filter (72mm)

    Model: 2589A006
    SKU: CAN-20844
    The Canon 72mm UV haze filter not only helps to protect your lens from dust, moisture and scratches, it also allows you to correct for UV effect and eliminate haze from your photos. This filter will absorb approximately 71 percent of UV rays, helping to eliminate haze's bluish cast that can obscure distant details. This filter easily screws onto your 72mm lenses.
    USD $34.97
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  5. Canon UV Protection Filter (77mm)

    Model: 2602A001
    SKU: CAN-20858
    Reduces dust and scratches on front lens elements. Absorbs UV and reduces bluish cast of daylight.
    USD $59.95

    Out of stock

  6. Canon UV HAZE Filter (67mm)

    Model: 2598B003
    SKU: CAN-20834
    These filters are used by many photographers to protect the front element of their lens from abrasions, dust, and moisture. They also have a very subtle warming effect, which can be useful to counter the "cool" colors you sometimes get in bright sun or in shade. They're available in sizes to fit most EF lenses.
    USD $18.97
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  7. Canon 52mm Drop In Circular Polarizing Filter WII

    Model: 4774B001
    SKU: CAN-20817
    The Canon 52mm Drop-In Circular Polarizer Filter works with Canon's super telephoto lenses. A small wheel exposed at the top of the filter allows rotation adjustment for specific lighting conditions.
    USD $229.97

    Out of stock

  8. Canon UV Protector Filter (72mm)

    Model: 2599A007
    SKU: CAN-20846
    This Canon filter screws on to the front of your lens, and protects it from minor bumps and scratches. You can leave this type of filter on at all times to protect an expensive lens. It also absorbs UV light, to give your outdoor photos a slight warming effect.
    USD $29.97
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  9. Canon 52C Macrolite Adapter

    Model: 2364A001
    SKU: CAN-13310
    This Macrolite Flash Adapter Ring is intended to attach ML-3 or MR-14EX to most lenses with 52mm filter size.
    USD $14.97
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  10. For Optura 400/500 and ZR 80/85.
    USD $59.97
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  11. Canon 250D Close Up Filter (52mm)

    Model: 2819A002
    SKU: CAN-20874
    Close up filter (2819A002)
    USD $89.97
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  12. B+W Circular Polarizer MRC

    Model: 66-1069185, 66-0...
    Sizes: 43mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm
    Highly efficient standard circular polarizing filter for all cameras with beam splitters in the light paths of their TTL exposure meter and with autofocus lenses. Circular polarization has the same pictorial effect as linear polarization, but allows for proper exposure metering and/or autofocus distance settings.
    USD $55.97 - $175.97
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  13. Canon Circular Polarizer PL-C

    Model: 2581A002, 2583A0...
    Sizes: 72mm, 77mm
    Polarizing filter enhances picture quality by blocking harmful reflected light. Use it to reduce polarized light reflections from glass and water surfaces or to improve colour saturation. Simple to use, circular polarizing filters (such as Canon's PL-C) polarize light circularly, rather than linearly, so it does not interfere with autofocus or TTL light metering.
    USD $109.97
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  14. Canon FA-DC67A Filter Adapter

    Model: 4728B001
    SKU: CAN-20803
    Filter Adapter FA-DC67A For The Powershot SX30 IS Digital Camera.
    USD $25.97

    Out of stock

  15. Canon Filter Adapter FA-DC58B

    Model: 4721B001
    SKU: CAN-20798
    For Canon G12 Digital Cameras.
    USD $44.97

    Out of stock

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