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Film Cameras & Accessories

Film Cameras & Accessories

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  1. Satin finish, non-tarnishing stainless reels are easy to load with center retaining clips. For 35mm films.
    USD $35.97
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  2. Nikon AR-3 Threaded Cable Release

    Model: 664
    SKU: NIK-20150
    A standard type cable release plug for cameras that have a threaded shutter.
    USD $19.97
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  3. Nikon MS-12 AA Battery Holder for F100

    Model: 105
    SKU: NIK-21768
    The MS-12 is a AA battery holder that allows for the use of four AA batteries to power the SLR.
    USD $18.97

    Out of stock

  4. Nikon Eyepiece for F100, F90

    Model: 2927
    SKU: NIK-21010
    Replacement eyepiece for Nikon F100, N8008, N8008s, N90 and N90s cameras.
    USD $18.97
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  5. Canon 1000T3 Extension Cord

    Model: 2455A001
    SKU: CAN-20010
    Remote Extension Cord for T90, EOS 650, 620, 750, 850, 630, 1, RT, A2, A2e, 1N, and 1N-RS. Length: 33'.
    USD $44.97
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  6. Nikon MC-12B Remote Release

    Model: 4654
    SKU: NIK-21594
    For cameras with MD-4 or MD-12 Motor Drives. Length: 2.6'.
    USD $59.97
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  7. Quantum Two Step MD Cord (FW44)

    Model: FW44
    SKU: QUA-00357
    Two step MD cord for Nikon D1, D1H, D1X, D2H, D2X, F5, N90/s, F90x, F100, D100(with MB-D100), D200, D3, D300, Fuji S3 Pro, S5 Pro, Kodak DCS 760.
    USD $108.00
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  8. FujiFilm Instax Mini 70

    Model: 5178, 5164, 5171
    Canary Yellow,Island Blue, Moon White
    The modern, simple design of the Instax Mini 70 includes three new colors -- "Canary Yellow," "Island Blue," and "Moon White." It’s a perfect fashion statement for any occasion, event or everyday outing.
    USD $119.95
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  9. Nikon FM10 with 35-70mm Lens

    Model: 1689
    SKU: NIK-10282
    Combining essential image control with Nikon dependability and capability, this manual control camera has broad compatibility with the NIKKOR lens system.
    USD $569.95

    Out of stock

  10. Custom Brackets Darkside Holder Hasselblad

    Model: HDS
    SKU: CUS-02380
    Dark slide holder for Hasselblad and Bronica square
    USD $16.97
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  11. Quantum Wireless TTL Adapter (FW52)

    Model: FW52
    SKU: QUA-00360
    Wireless TTL Adapter for Nikon Film Cameras.
    USD $103.00
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  12. Quantum Motor Drive Cord for Mamiya 645AF

    Model: 465
    SKU: QUA-00024
    USD $80.00

    Out of stock

  13. Quantum 505SRi motor drive cords: 452 for Hasselblad.
    USD $64.00

    Out of stock

  14. Vivitar V3800N with 28-70mm Kit

    Model: 59890
    SKU: VIV-00386A
    USD $169.97

    Out of stock

  15. Nikon MS-30 AA Battery Holder for F5

    Model: 4674
    SKU: NIK-21780
    The MS-30 is a AA battery holder for the F5 that allows for the use of eight AA batteries to power the SLR.
    USD $36.97

    Out of stock

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