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Microphone Accessories

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  1. Canon MA300 Microphone Adapter with Shoulder Pad

    Model: 8032A002
    SKU: CAN-31724
    For those using the Canon GL2 Digital Video Camcorder for pro applications, or those with specific video-production needs, Canon offers a number of accessories designed to meet your every creative need, including the MA-300 Microphone Adapter. This adapter lets the user attach a microphone that has XLR connectors to the Canon GL2 Digital Video Camcorder.
    USD $199.00
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  2. Rode Microphones SM3 Camera Shoe Shock Mount

    Model: SM3-R
    SKU: RODE-00130
    The SM3 is a suspension shock mount with camera shoe adaptor for mounting various RØDE microphones onto a camera via the standard hot/cold shoe mount.
    USD $49.00
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  3. Audio Adapter Cable For Smartphones and Tablets
    USD $20.00

    Out of stock

  4. Rode Microphones WS6 Deluxe Windshield

    Model: WS6
    SKU: RODE-00152
    The RØDE WS6 Deluxe Windshield is designed to reduce wind noise when recording in adverse environmental conditions.
    USD $59.00
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  5. Rode Microphones DeadCat VMPR

    SKU: RODE-00151A
    Artificial Fur Wind Shield
    USD $39.00
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  6. Rode Microphones WS9 Deluxe Wind Shield

    Model: WS9
    SKU: RODE-00156
    The WS9 is a deluxe microphone windshield for the RODE VideoMicro and VideoMic Me, featuring open-cell foam covered by synthetic fur designed to minimise wind noise when recording outdoors.
    USD $25.00
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  7. Zoom APH-4N H4n Accessory Pack for DSLR

    Model: ZH4NAP
    SKU: ZOOM-04100
    The APH-4n is the perfect companion for your Zoom H4n Handy Recorder
    USD $69.99
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  8. Sony UWP Series Lavalier Mic Clips (4)

    Model: SADHV1B
    SKU: SON-21760
    UWP Series Lavalier Mic Clips (Quantity 4) for use with new UWP models including UWP-V1, UWP-V6, UWP-X7, UTX-B2V, UTX-B2X, ECM-V1BMP or ECM-X7BMP.
    USD $39.97
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  9. The Electro-Voice 309A suspension shock mount was designed specifically for use with the RE20, RE27N/D and RE320 (EV-RE320) dynamic microphones. It provides near-perfect shock isolation for the already internally shock-mounted RE20 or RE27N/D.
    USD $99.00

    Out of stock

  10. Rode Microphones invisiLav (10 Pack)

    Model: INVISI-10PK
    SKU: RODE-00210
    Discreet lavalier mounting system
    USD $40.00
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  11. The SM4 suspension shock mount gives you the ability to isolate the microphone from external physical factors that may cause unwanted rumble and vibrations in the microphone. The SM4 attaches to any 3/8" or 5/8" threaded microphone stand.
    USD $49.00

    Out of stock

  12. A durable steel mesh windscreen for the ME2 lavalier microphone.
    USD $12.97
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  13. The RØDE PinMic is a discreet lavalier/lapel microphone with an innovative pin-through design that is not only easier to conceal than a traditional lapel microphone, but provides greater mounting versatility.
    USD $249.00

    Out of stock

  14. Zoom APH-6 H6 Accessory Pack

    Model: APH6
    SKU: ZOOM-06100
    The APH-6 is the perfect companion for your Zoom H6 Handy Recorder
    USD $59.99

    Out of stock

  15. Shure MVi Digital Audio Interface

    Model: MVI
    SKU: SHU-00235
    The MVi connects any standard XLR microphone or 1/4-inch plug for guitar, bass or keyboard to any iOS device, Mac or PC for seamless, high-quality audio capture.
    USD $129.00
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