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  1. Slik PRO 340 BHX with PBH-425DS Ball Head

    Model: 613-348
    SKU: SLI-613-348
    Combination of PRO 340DX legs and PBH-425DS Ball Head.

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    Regularly $159.95

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  2. Slik PRO 340BH Tripod

    Model: 613-344
    SKU: SLI-613-344
    Combination of PRO 340DX leg and SBH-200DQ ball head.
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  3. Slik PRO 340DX Black with 3-Way Head (Silver)

    Model: 613-340
    SKU: SLI-613-340
    Extends to 57.9", Closes t 19.29", Supports 11 lbs

    Now $79.95

    Regularly $99.95

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  4. Slik PRO 500HD Tripod

    Model: 613-345
    SKU: SLI-615-501
    Newly developed 2-handle 3-way tilt for use with SLR cameras. Slick is a unique lightweight material with medium-sized pipe and AMT alloy legs.
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  5. Slik PRO 624 CFL with Speed Release Locks

    Model: 611-624
    SKU: SLI-611-624
    The Mini version of the PRO 634 CFL, the PRO 624 CFL has for short leg sections that extend to a maximum height of 43.5 inches but close down to remarkable 15.1 inches. With a weight of 2.2 lbs this tripod is an easy traveler that can be used in situations where a full-sized tripod would not be needed or not be convenient to carry.
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  6. Slik Pro 700DX (Legs Only)

    Model: 615-900
    SKU: SLI-615-900
    Extends to 74.8", Closes to 29.9", Supports 7.78 lbs
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  7. Slik PRO 700DX Black Legs Set

    Model: 615-317
    SKU: SLI-615-317
    Using a Tri-Titanium aerospace alloy compromised of aluminum magnesium and titanium the Slik 700DX Pro Tripod Legs has a strength-to-weight ratio 40% greater than comparable tripods in its class.
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  8. Slik Pro 724 CFL

    Model: 615-724
    SKU: SLI-615-724
    The tripod that back-packers and frequent travelers dream about. Narrower diameter leg tubes yield greater weight reduction.
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  9. Slik PRO 824 CF Carbon Fiber Leg Set

    Model: 615-387
    SKU: SLI-615-387
    Designed with the professional photographer in mind. Ultra heavy construction for use with D-SLR and 35mm still camera with long telephoto/zoom lens, large format camera and medium format camera.
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  10. Slik PRO 824 CFL Tripod

    Model: 615-824
    SKU: SLI-615-824
    Full sizes carbon fiber tripod that reaches 61.8 inches when all 4 leg sections are fully extended but is only 19.9 inches when completely retracted.
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  11. Slik PRO BHX with PBH-525DS Ball Head

    Model: 613-500
    SKU: SLI-613-500
    The Slik PRO 500 BHX Tripod with PBH-525DS Ball Head has a max capacity of 8.8 lbs and is capable of supporting a full-size DSLR with standard lens

    Now $159.95

    Regularly $199.95

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  12. Slik Sprint Mini II GM with SBH-100DQ Head

    Model: 611-806
    SKU: SLI-611-806
    Extends to 43.4", Supports 3.5 lbs
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  13. Slik SPRINT PRO II GM Compact Tripod

    Model: 611-849
    SKU: SLI-611-849
    Designed to travel, the SPRINT PRO II GM is a compact tripod with 4 legs sections to collapse down to less than 19 inches.

    Now $69.95

    Regularly $89.95

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  14. Slik ABLE 300 DX Tripod

    Model: 615-310
    SKU: SLI-615-310
    Light, compact, yet sturdy, and easy to use tripod. Leg utilizing "D"shaped aluminium tube. Easy to operate leg knob, and 3-position adjustable leg angle tripod.

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  15. Slik DV Travel Pro

    Model: 617-903
    SKU: SLI-617-903
    Compact, lighter and the most suitable for the mini-DV standard portable video camera with the maximum loading capacity 3.0kgs. Easy and quick leg opening/closing with lever leg-lock system. Right-side pan handle (10mm diameter). Low position available (325mm, Patent No.2100245). Rubber leg tips.

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