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Camera Muzzle The Camera Muzzle

The Camera Muzzle is a soft blimp designed to minimize camera noise while giving the photographer access to the camera controls and the ability to see the LCD screens on most pro and high end digital cameras. It can be installed without removing the lens. It comes with a foam insert which allows it to be adjusted to many different camera models.
SKU: MUZ-00100
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 It is useful for:
  • Courtroom trials and hearings.
  • Theatre productions.
  • Symphony.
  • Conference sessions/meetings.
  • Golf.
  • Undercover work.
  • Sensitive wildlife.
  • When photographers are also collecting audio.
(Note: The Camera Muzzle does not completely eliminate camera noise. It is not a hard blimp which most movie sound stage audio folks require)

The Camera Muzzle has also been used as a camera protector in freezing weather, the dust and impact of war coverage and in a least one instance of hurricane coverage.

  • Velcro tabs and velcro slot on left side
  • Stretchy gusset on right side
  • Vertical zipper under lens port for ease of mounting
  • Viewfinder hole and clear window for LCD screens
  • Included padded insert useful for dampening lenses
  • Padded insert has a clear window running the entire length on the top side
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Width Approx. 11"
Height Approx. 8"
Depth Approx. 5.5"
LCD Window Approx. 2.5" x 2.25"
Length Approx. 8.5"
Maximum Inner Diameter Approx. 4-5"

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