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Profoto Accessories and Flashtubes

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  1. Profoto 16' Head Extension Cable

    Model: 303518 (701-237)
    SKU: PRF-303518
    For Pro-7, Pro-7b and Pro-B heads. (5m)
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  2. Profoto D1 Glass Cover

    Model: 101561
    SKU: PRF-101561
    Frosted glass dome for D1 Monolight with neutral color.
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  3. Profoto D1 Grid

    Model: 100795, 100796, ...
    Special grid for D1 monolights (standard glass plate), fits directly in front of the flash unit. Integrated filter clips.
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  4. Profoto D1 Spillkill Reflector

    Model: 100794
    SKU: PRF-100794
    Dedicated to D1 monolights with optional glass dome that are used with umbrellas. Limits stray light. Integrated clips for heat resistant filters and gels.
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  5. Profoto D1 Studio Kit Case Bag M

    Model: 330212
    SKU: PRF-330212
    The Profoto D1 Studio Kit Case (Black and Gray) is a replacement ballistic nylon case with a thick padded interior designed to protect and carry a Profoto D1 Studio Kit. It has a large slip pocket on the side with a clear id/shipping window on the front. The case is carried by 2 carry straps with an overlapping touch fastener grip and a removable shoulder strap.
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  6. Profoto Glass Cover - Clear UV-Coated

    Model: 101521
    SKU: PRF-101521
    Glass cover, clear UV-coated Glass covers 100 mm, clear UV-coated, for ProTwin, PB Head, Acute/D4 Head, Acute/D4 Twin, ComPact, ProTungsten.
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  7. Profoto Glass Cover Ringlight

    Model: 301503
    SKU: PRF-301503
    Set of 6 glass plates for ringflash head.
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  8. Profoto High-Capacity Quartz Flashtube for D2

    Model: 331532
    SKU: PRF-331532
    A high capacity quartz flashtube made for the Profoto D2 500 and 1000 Monolights.
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  9. Profoto Li-Ion Battery for B2

    Model: 100396
    SKU: PRF-100396
    Get yourself a spare battery and save yourself the trouble of having to worry about running out of power. Provides up to 215 full-power flashes.
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  10. Profoto Pro 7B Universal Power Adapter

    Model: 900765 (701-248)
    SKU: PRF-900765
    Universal Power Adapter for the Pro 7B
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  11. Profoto Syncro Interconnect Cable

    Model: 103005 (504-303)
    SKU: PRF-103005
    5 meter Synchro Interconnection Cable for connecting flash generators with the synchro cord, opto-isolated.
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  12. Profoto 100mm Glass Cover (Frosted) (Uncoated)

    Model: 101520 (504-333)
    SKU: PRF-101520
    Glass covers 100 mm, frosted uncoated, for ProTwin, PB Head, Acute/D4 Head, Acute/D4 Twin, ComPact, ProTungsten.

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  13. Profoto 100mm Glass Cover (Frosted) (UV Coated)

    Model: 101518 (504-334)
    SKU: PRF-101518
    Glass covers 100 mm, frosted UV-coated, for ProTwin, PB Head, Acute/D4 Head, Acute/D4 Twin, ProHead with 500 W, ComPact, ProTungsten. Slight gold tint (300 Kelvin)

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  14. Profoto 100w Halogen Modeling Lamp

    Model: 102014 (701-225)
    SKU: PRF-102014
    100W/120 V, Halogen, Mini-can E11 socket, standard for Pro-B head.

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  15. Profoto 250w Halogen Modeling Lamp

    Model: 102002 (701-221)
    SKU: PRF-102002
    250W/120V, Halogen, Mini-can E11 socket, standard at Pro-7 head.

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