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  1. CradlePoint Technology PHS300 Personal Hotspot

    Model: PHS300
    SKU: CRA-00020
    The PHS300 creates a fully portable WiFi Hotspot from broadband-enabled cellular phones and modems. Take WiFi to a new level by 'bringing it with you'.
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  2. Canon REALiS WUX10 Mark II

    Model: 4231B002
    SKU: CAN-35195
    The REALiS WUX10 Mark II is a high-performance WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution projector using LCOS technology, providing spectacular image quality, resolution, and color reproduction, for end-users in corporate, educational, and specialized fields. This exceptional widescreen projector also features Canon's exclusive AISYS technology - with improved light efficiency, uniformity, and expanded color space for outstanding color reproduction, delivering razor-sharp image quality.

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  3. Canon REALiS SX800 LCOS Projector

    Model: 3289B002
    SKU: CAN-35190
    The REALiS SX800 is an affordable high-performance SXGA+ projector, providing outstanding image quality, resolution, and color reproduction, designed to meet the needs of users in corporate, educational, and specialized fields. This exceptional projector also features new, advanced third-generation AISYS technology - with improved light efficiency, uniformity, and expanded color space for extremely accurate color reproduction, delivering razor-sharp images.

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  4. MFuel Universal Power Bank

    Model: SPD-11-13
    SKU: MFU-00030
    MFUEL Universal Power Bank technology dramatically increases the operating time of your portable electronic devices -- notebook computers, iPods, cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, Portable DVD players, satellite radios and portable video games.
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  5. Protects coax lines used for TV and DSS equipment from surge pulses.
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  6. Dazzle Digital Photomaker (USB)

    Model: DM5000
    SKU: DAZ-00001
    Use your camcorder to capture hi-resolution digital photos. Even capture TV-quality MPEG digital video for video e-mails and websites!
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  7. Hitachi CP-X3015WN LCD Projector

    Model: CPX3015WN
    SKU: HITA-00100
    Designed for medium sized education and corporate venues, Hitachi’s CP-X3015WN provides versatility and connectivity.

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  8. Epson Transparency Unit

    Model: B813182
    SKU: EPS-18210
    Allows you to scan positive and negative transparent materials - 35mm slides. filmstrips, and film up to 8.5 x 11.7 inches.
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  9. Pelican MityLite

    Model: 1900
    SKU: PEL-00065
    Unlike conventional flashlights that have a yellowish beam, the MityLite 1900 uses a hi-intensity Xenon lamp that produces a powerful, bright beam.
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  10. Wacom Intuos5

    Model: PTH450, PTH650, ...
    Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
    Intuos5 delivers a revolutionary new pen tablet experience, combining our finest pen capabilities with an intuitive multi-touch surface and new productivity features. It’s the ideal choice for professionals and anyone with a serious creative passion in photography, art or design.
    $229.00 - $469.00

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  11. The PROMASTER Emergency! will act as a charger and back-up power supply for up to 2 USB devices. Charge or power your camera, cell phone or other USB device from a 12v car outlet, an external USB source or from the Emergency!’s own built-in battery. In addition to the power and charge function, the Emergency! acts as a super bright 4 LED flashlight.
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  12. Monster Cable Power HTS 1000 MK II

    Model: 109370
    SKU: MOS-109370
    8 outlet, 3 pr. coax, 1 pr. phone/network MP HTS 1000 MKII (109370)
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  13. Epson PowerLite 1925W Multimedia Projector

    Model: V11H314020
    SKU: EPS-50108
    Get brilliant widescreen presentations that will wow any audience — it's easy with the ultra bright, network-ready Epson PowerLite 1925W. This powerful projector yields vivid, high quality images, yet still includes a host of user-friendly features, such as a wireless module for easy wireless setup. With Epson 3LCD technology and 4000 lumens of color/white light output1, your presentations will pop in any setting. With HDMI digital connectivity, and WXGA resolution, you can project HD movies and more.

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  14. Da-Lite Pico Screen (30")

    Model: 39415
    SKU: DAL-39415
    Designed with Pico Projectors in mind and creates the perfect lightweight portable projection system for business meetings, training, gaming and many other applications

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  15. Wacom Cintiq 12WX

    Model: CINTIQ12WX
    SKU: WAC-00058
    Now you can experience all the advantages of direct pen-on-screen input in a low-profile, lightweight design!

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