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Diffusers & Scrims

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  1. For EL 26167 and EL 26169 Softlite Reflector
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  2. Lastolite Professional 3/4 Stop Diffusion Fabric

    Model: LL LR82201
    SKU: LAS-00186
    For Medium Skylite
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  3. Lastolite Professional 30" 5 In 1 Reflector Diffuser

    Model: LL LR3096
    SKU: LAS-00122
    Whether in the studio or on location, Bottletop reflector covers are an innovative way of having all four reflective surfaces with you at any time. A perfect accessory for softening light, or enhancing it by adding a hint of color or warmth, Bottletop reflectors are compact, light, and very easy to set up and collapse.
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  4. In addition to the existing line of the widely used collapsible CL Reflectors, the new Deluxe versions have a special "squircle" shape with integrated handles.
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  5. 33" Trip Flip Kit (2 Stop Tri Grip Diffuser plus a set of Tri Flips LL LR3698) Aptly known as Tri Flips, the new reflector kit offers photographers an unprecedented 8 in 1 solution, allowing them to be ready for any lighting scenario. Reversible sleeves that feature a different reflective surface on each side, Tri Flips take advantage of the award winning Tri Grip reflector.
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  6. Translucent fabric diffuses light, produces a broad light source and soft effect. 48" x 72"
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  7. Photogenic 5 Inch Diffuser / Gel Holder

    Model: 918568
    SKU: PHG-918568
    Diffuser/Gel holder for PL5MF.
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  8. Create the effect of an Octabank. Perfectly paired with studio strobes. Diffuse light by one full stop. Quick set up and tear down.
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  9. Lowel Diffused Glass with Holder

    Model: IP-50H
    SKU: LOW-04420
    Softens light creates gentler more flattering but less dramatic highlights and shadows. Light loss approx. 40% in flood. Includes ViP Swing-in Accessory Holder (iP-30).
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  10. Westcott Diffuser

    Model: 314, 318, 322, 3...
    Sizes: 20", 30", 40", 50"
    The perfect compact reflector for on-location photography. The diffuser is the fastest and most affordable way to achieve diffused light. The large size can be used from individual head shots all the way to small groups while still being easily handheld.
    $13.90 - $39.90
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  11. Speedotron Diffuser 16in

    Model: 25528
    SKU: SPE-852980
    Speedotron accessory: 16" mylar clip-on diffuser
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  12. Diffusion filters add extra softness. Manufactured from a spun glass material this helps to provide resistance to heat. Diffusing Filters 17.3” EL 26246 Set of five filters, to fit the Square Reflector EL 26146.
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  13. Smith Victor Corporation DP5 Diffuser

    Model: 401313
    SKU: SMV-401313
    Clip-on diffuser for 5" Lights
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  14. Lastolite Professional Ezybox Hotshoe Creative Diffusers

    Model: LL LS2466, LL LS...
    Sizes: 15", 24"
    A set of three diffuser covers are now available for the 38cm and 60cm Ezybox Hotshoe's. Each cover features a black cut out mask (2 rectangular and 1 circular) with a 2 stop diffusion panel.
    $65.89 - $67.00
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  15. Lowel Graduated Scrim Without Holder

    Model: IP-56
    SKU: LOW-04440
    Stainless-steel screen sections reduce light more subtly and more completely than the Half Scrim. Rotates 360°. Useful to control subjects that become too bright as they approach a light, and fall-off on walls and subjects.
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