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Other Light Modifiers

Get the perfect light quality for your shoot from a range of over 70 Rosco gels, a dozen California Sunbounce reflectors, and diffusers up to 144 square feet in size for the ultimate in soft natural light. If mixed lighting sources are ruining your images, then a lighting modifier will come to the rescue. Change the mood to suit your needs, or simply attenuate bright lights with an ND gel – whatever your requirements may be you can be sure Roberts Camera stocks the right gel for you.

The perfect light is just a click away with our large range of light modifiers. From grids, barn doors, reflectors and softboxes, to gels and diffusers, they are all an important part of any visual production – begin molding the light with a product from our range below.

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  1. Elinchrom 10 Color Filters 21

    Model: EL 26243
    SKU: ELI-26243
    For 8-1/4" Reflectors
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  2. Rotolight 10 Piece Add On Color FX Filter Pack

    Model: RL-NEO-CFP
    SKU: ROTO-01050
    Designed for the Rotolight NEO LED light
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  3. Westcott 18 x 24 Inch Black Block

    Model: 1934
    SKU: WES-01934
    Used in conjunction with our 18" x 24" collapsible frames, this black block completely blocks light. Frame not included.
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  4. Sekonic 5-Degree Viewfinder for L-478

    Model: 401-364
    SKU: SEK-00020B
    5-Degree Viewfinder for L-478 series light meters.
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  5. Westcott 6-in-1 Reflector Kit (42")

    Model: 1032
    SKU: WES-01032
    Illuminator Reflectors are ideal for shooting portraits and nature, whether indoors or outdoors. The 6-in-1 Reflector offers a wide variety of options, so you are prepared for every occasion. The two separate panels allow you to diffuse and reflect light in tandem. The compact and lightweight design makes them easy to carry and handle
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  6. Dynalite 7 Inch Barn Door with Filter Frame

    Model: SR-65FF
    SKU: DYN-02580
    For use with Dynalite Studio 2000 (formerly 4040), 4080, and Arena 4000 (formerly 4080SP) Flash Heads.Fits on SR-65 (formerly called 40-06B7) reflector. Formerly 40-06B7
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  7. 4-leaf fully rotating barndoors clip on with tension springs to the light housing.
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  8. Elinchrom 85mm Gobo for Spot Lite 3000 (8-Pack)

    Model: EL 26467
    SKU: ELI-26467
    Add this set of 10 gobos to your Elinchrom Spotlite 3000 for added lighting control.
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  9. Dynalite Accessory Frame

    Model: RR-AF
    SKU: DYN-02210
    For use with Dynalite Road and Roadmax heads (formerly called 1015 and 2040). Formerly 33-06A
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  10. Lastolite Professional All In One Umbrella Kit (32")

    Model: LL LU2475
    SKU: LAS-00227S
    All in one kit...
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  11. Dynalite Barn Door

    Model: RR-AFBD
    SKU: DYN-02220
    For use with Dynalite Road and Roadmax heads (formerly called 1015 and 2040). Formerly 33-06B
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  12. Elinchrom Barndoor (10 1/4" x 6 1/3") - Set of 2

    Model: EL 26006
    SKU: ELI-26006
    Barndoor (10 1/4" x 6 1/3")
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  13. Westcott Barndoor Set for the Ice Light

    Model: 5561
    SKU: WES-05561
    Direct light where you want it to go
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  14. Westcott Barndoor Set with Grid and Gels

    Model: 201
    SKU: WES-00201
    For use with Westcott Strobelites. This barn door set enables you to control where the light goes, and just as importantly, where it doesn't go.
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  15. Combination 2-leaf barndoors and filter holder for reflector lights. Fits 10 in. Reflectors (Not for Thrifty Kit reflectors!).
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