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  1. Promaster 100SL SpeedLight

    Model: 6354, 6361, 8377
    Available For: Canon, Nikon, Sony
    The PROMASTER 100SL sports a full complement of advanced features in a small form factor. Its hybrid design gives you the option of an LED light for videos or flash for still photos. The 100SL is well-balanced so it 'just feels right' on your camera while throwing a flattering quality of light towards your subject. Use it in a wireless flash system as a master or slave unit. You can even use the 100SL to remotely fire your camera!
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  2. Promaster 170SL Speedlight

    Model: 2029, 2057
    Available For: Canon, Nikon
    The ProMaster 170SL Speedlight works with your camera to add light where you want it. It automatically adjusts its exposure and light beam to match your camera and lens settings.
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  3. NISSIN Di700A + Air 1

    Model: ND700AK-C, ND700...
    Available For: Canon, Nikon, Sony
    GN54 (200mm) / GN28 (35mm) ISO 100
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  4. Sunpak Digital Flash

    Model: DF3000CX, DF3000...
    Available For: Canon, Nikon
    The Sunpak DigiFlash 3000 flash is the perfect accessory for today´s digital SLR cameras. Compatible with the latest Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLR and HDSLR cameras. The DF3000 has many advanced features, such as, manual zoom head with bounce and swivel capabilities. In low light, the AF assist provides makes sure you don´t miss the shot when light levels get low. With a high guide number of 92 ft (ISO 100 @ 35mm), the DF3000 provides outstanding illumination especially with long lenses. With high power, complete TTL dedication and power saving circuit you will won´t miss a flash shot again!
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  5. Olympus FL-14 Flash

    Model: 260122
    SKU: OLY-12100
    The FL-14 is an easy-to-operate external flash with a design that matches the E-P1 Pen. With an equivalent GN (Guide Number) of 14, you can accomplish flash shooting with stable light and optimum brightness.
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  6. Olympus FL-300R Flash

    Model: V326110SU000
    SKU: OLY-12140
    The FL-300R is an easy-to-operate versatile external flash for your PEN. With an equivalent GN (Guide Number) of 28 at ISO 200, you can accomplish flash shooting with stable light and optimum brightness. It functions as a bounce flash and *wireless remote flash with enough power for most any typical shooting situation. Photographers can use it in tandem with the camera’s built–in, pop-up flash or as an alternative to it.
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  7. Olympus FL-600R Flash

    Model: V3261300U000
    SKU: OLY-12142
    The FL-600R is an easy-to-use, external flash unit with a wide LCD display and wireless control capabilities. It features a built-in LED light that can function as an AF illuminator for still images or as full-time auxiliary lighting for shooting movies.
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  8. Olympus FL-900R Electronic Flash

    Model: V326170BW000
    SKU: OLY-12146
    A weatherproof flash
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  9. Promaster FL100 TTl Flash

    Model: 9385, 9378
    Available For: Nikon, Canon
    Powerful, compact and economical the ProMaster FL100 is 3x more powerful than the built-in flashs flash on most DSLR cameras. It’s the perfect choice for the right light for sporting events or at home on the holidays. The FL100 flash is the one accessory that every new DSLR owner should have to get the best pictures from their new camera.
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  10. Promaster Flash shoe with 1/4-20 mount

    Model: 4638
    SKU: PRO-79232
    This is a heavy duty full adjustable flash accessory shoe. It can be mounted on any 1/4 - 20 thread like a tripod or light stand for the maximum in flexibility.
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  11. Sony HVL-F43M External Flash / Video Light

    Model: HVLF43M
    SKU: SON-20502M
    Expand your creativity with this external flash and video light. It features Quick Shift Bounce for lighting freedom and can also wirelessly control up to three groups of flashes.
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  12. Sony HVL-RLAM Alpha Ring Light

    Model: HVLRLAM
    SKU: SON-20544
    Capture well-lit macro photography with this ring light attachment and your a DSLR camera.
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  13. NISSIN i40 Speedlite

    Model: ND40-C, ND40-N, ...
    Available For: Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Sony
    Power compact flash
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  14. Promaster LED Macro Arm Light

    Model: 2010
    SKU: PRO-54180
    The ProMaster LED Macro Arm Light consists of two lights on flexible arms designed for close-up shooting. It mounts to the camera accessory shoe and is powered by two CR2025 batteries.
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  15. Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II

    Model: 9389B002
    SKU: CAN-13212
    The all-new Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II is ideal for EOS quality close-up photography when used in conjunction with one of Canon’s EF Macro lenses.
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