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Flash Cables & Adapters

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  1. Elinchrom 11.5' Head Cable For Ranger Quadra

    Model: EL 11002
    SKU: ELI-11002
    The RQ Flashhead Cable connects the RQ A / S Heads with the Ranger Quadra Battery power pack. The cable is available in 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 m. The standard Flashhead Cable supplied with each RQ Flashhead is 2.5 m.
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  2. Lowel 12' Extension Cable (for model P1-10)

    Model: P1-80
    SKU: LOW-06310
    12' Extension Cable (for model P1-10)
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  3. Elinchrom 16 Foot Replacement Power Cord For Compacts

    Model: EL 11070
    SKU: ELI-11070
    5.5 yards for compacts
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  4. Profoto 16' Head Extension Cable

    Model: 303518 (701-237)
    SKU: PRF-303518
    For Pro-7, Pro-7b and Pro-B heads. (5m)
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  5. Sync-in cord 18"(.5m), PC male to FreeXWire accessory connector.
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  6. Elinchrom 3.15 Amp Fuse

    Model: EL 19034S
    SKU: ELI-19034S
    3.15 Amp Fuse for 100W heads.
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  7. Canon 300 Connecting Cord

    Model: 2388A001
    SKU: CAN-20464
    Connecting cord for Canon flashes. 9.8' straight
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  8. Canon 60 Connecting Cord

    Model: 2387A001
    SKU: CAN-20460
    Connecting cord by Canon. 2' coiled
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  9. Tundra AC Adapter for Lightbox

    Model: 96AC6V
    SKU: TUN-00068A
    6 volt AC adapter for 4x5 lightbox.
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  10. This Flashhead Adapter Cable is required to connect Ranger S or A Heads (from the Ranger RX / Speed or Speed AS Battery System) to the Ranger Quadra Power Pack.
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  11. Adapts Elinchrom standard flashheads to the Ranger RX power packs. (Mains modeling lamp and fan are deactivated.)
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  12. Nikon AS-10 TTL Multi-Flash Adapter

    Model: 4560
    SKU: NIK-13220
    Connect additional TTL Speedlights with the three TTL flash units. Attaches to the SB-800, SB-50DX, and SB-30.
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  13. Nikon AS-15 Hot Shoe to PC Plug Adapter

    Model: 3066
    SKU: NIK-13225
    Hot shoe to PC plug adapter. The AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter is designed for use with Nikon cameras with standard ISO-type accessory shoes which do not have a sync terminal
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  14. Nikon AS-17 TTL Flash Unit Coupler for F3

    Model: 3072
    SKU: NIK-13227
    Enables you to use your Nikon TTL ISO hot-shoe Speedlights with your F3HP series camera.
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  15. Nikon AS-N1000 Multi Accessory Port Adapter

    Model: 3675
    SKU: NIK-20166
    The AS-N1000 Multi Accessory Port Adapter is a hot shoe adapter that lets you connect a wide range of accessories to the Nikon 1 V1, V2, and V3 digital cameras. Accessories that require a power supply can not be used.
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