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  1. Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash

    Model: 80371, 80372, 80...
    Available For: Canon, Nikon, Sony
    The Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash is the best of Phottix’s gold-standard products all-in-one. A flash with Phottix Odin Transmitter and Receiver, and Strato receiver all built in.
    Now $299.00
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  2. Avenger Snap-in Griphead (Black)

    Model: D210B
    SKU: AVE-00306
    Specialty adapter.
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  3. Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger Transmitter

    Model: PH89069, PH89074
    Available For: Canon, Nikon
    The famous Phottix Odin II TCU (Transmitter) only - perfect to control the Phottix Indra, Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash or to have as an extra transmitter for a second camera.
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  4. Phottix Luna Folding Octa Softbox - 43"

    Model: PH82754
    SKU: PTX-PH82754
    Easier to set up and use than traditional Octas and is constructed from high-termperature resistant softbox material.
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  5. Introducing the Phottix Indra500 TTL Studio Light – a 500 Watt TTL Studio Light featuring High Speed Sync. Under the hood is the ultimate in control – with the award-winning Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Canon and Nikon built-in. Light stand not included
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  6. Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger Receiver

    Model: PH89067, PH89072
    Available For: Nikon, Canon
    Purchase further receivers for the Phottix Odin II TTL Trigger. Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger Receiver, a receiver for use with the Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger.
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  7. Phottix 7-in-1 Light Multi Collapsible Reflector (42")

    Model: PH86527
    SKU: PTX-PH86527
    Features 7 changeable colors: White, Black, Silver, Translucent, Gold, Green and Blue.
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  8. Phottix Para-Pro Reflective 60" Umbrella (Silver/Black)

    Model: PH85344
    SKU: PTX-PH85344
    Provides even light distribution and snappy highlights.
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  9. Phottix 5-in-1 Premium Reflector with Handles

    Model: PH86496, PH86497...
    Sizes: 32", 43", 47"
    Includes Gold, Silver, White, Black, and Translucent fabrics and features handles for easy grip and positioning.
    $39.95 - $49.95
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  10. Kupo 20" Master C-Stand with Turtle Base Kit (5.7', Silver)

    Model: KS704512
    SKU: KUPO-KS704512
    The Kupo Master C Stand with Turtle Base features a unique innovation in the world of C Stands that enables the still or moving image-maker of any skill level to open and collapse the legs of the base in under two seconds!
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  11. Kupo 2-1/2" Grip Head with Big Handle

    Model: KG203012, KG2031...
    Black, Silver
    The 2-1/2" Grip Head has four different “V” shaped jaws, an ergonomic oversized “T” handle with dedicated roller bearings for maximum torque, and a non-slip aluminum friction disc. Aluminum and steel construction. Available in chrome plated or black powder coated finish.
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  12. Kupo 40" Turtle Base Kit (Silver)

    Model: KS704712
    SKU: KUPO-KS704712
    Includes stand, 2.5" Grip Head and 40" Grip Arm with Hex Stud
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  13. Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger Transmitter (Canon)

    Model: PH89064
    SKU: PTX-PH89064
    A TTL wireless transmitter to wirelessly control and trigger TTL flashes and remotely control power and flash zoom settings. Can also be used to control the Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash.
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  14. Phottix 5-in-1 Premium Triangle Reflector with Handles

    Model: PH86491, PH86492
    Sizes: 32", 47"
    Features handles in two positions to make it easy to use and position.
    $37.95 - $54.95
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  15. Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate

    Model: 401-310
    SKU: SEK-00009
    The versatility of today's cameras is expanding at an amazing rate. Digital SLR cameras are being used to record moving images and digital video cameras used to capture still frames for printing. Whether you are a DSLR videographer, cinematographer, still photographer or involved in any facet of image capture, the Sekonic L-308DC is the perfect meter for you.
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