Card Capacity Calculator

"How big of a card do I need?"

Boy do we get asked that a lot. And, there's no real way to answer that, since how many pictures you want to fit per card is a very personal thing. What we can help with, though, if helping you figure out how many pictures you can fit on a card for which cameras. Then, you can decide for yourself what size card holds enough photos for you. Neat, right?

For those technically inclined, all of these numbers are just estimates. A lot of factors go into just how many pictures will fit in a card. The dynamic range in an image affects its size (in both raw and jpg), and different cameras--even from the same manufacturer--set aside different "buffer" sizes on the card to account for that. So, what we do is pop a representative card into the camera, format it, then see how many pictures the camera reports it will fit. Usually you'll get more than that, but, for estimation purposes it's as good as we can get it.

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