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Cleaning & Calibration

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  1. Photographic Solutions Inc 4x4 Photo Wipes - 100 PK

    Model: PAD100
    SKU: PHS-00003
    Pec Pads are extremely strong, lint-free and so soft and pure it is almost impossible to scratch an emulsion with them
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  2. VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly SL700 Travel Kit (1.6x)

    Model: VD3262457
    SKU: VDU-00008J
    Kit includes: Arctic Butterfly SL700, swabs for 1.6x Sensor (12pk) (Orange Series), VDust Formula Solution, Lens Clean Solution (30mL), Magic Cleaner Microfiber Cloth, Carry Case
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  3. Promaster Clean Air Filtered Blower

    Model: 8349
    SKU: PRO-14101
    Includes 5 replaceable filters
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  4. This is a 5-pack of replacement filters for the Professional Clean Air Filtered Blower (8349).
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  5. X-Rite ColorMunki Display

    Model: CMUNDIS
    SKU: XRT-01212
    No guesswork. No stress. No frustration. No wasted time or lost billable hours. Just an amazingly calibrated display or projector that accurately displays the color in your original picture or digital file. Our wizard-driven interface makes it quick and easy for you to calibrate and profile your displays at the speed of life. You’ll quickly get back to what you really love doing with total confidence that the files you’re seeing and working on are precisely what others will be seeing. How’s that for perfect?
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  6. X-Rite Colormunki Display/ColorChecker Passport Bundle

    SKU: XRT-01214
    Includes the ColorMunki Display and ColorChecker Passport.
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  7. X-Rite ColorMunki Photo

    Model: CMUNPH
    SKU: XRT-01210
    ColorMunki Photo is the innovative new way to bring your photos from screen to print with color perfection. Ideal for wedding, portrait and event photographers -- or any passionate advocate -- this color control solution delivers new technology that make it easier than ever to get great and accurate color on your display, projector or with virtually any printer.
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  8. X-Rite ColorMunki Smile

    Model: CMUNSML
    SKU: XRT-01216
    Amazingly Simple Monitor Calibration! For photo hobbyists, design enthusiasts, gamers and web viewing, ColorMunki Smile is a super simple way to get more accurate color from your monitor. The process is easy. The results are amazing.
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  9. Dot Line Corp Contact Cleaner

    Model: HA-5629
    SKU: DOT-04000
    HAMA Contact Cleaner. A thick glass fiber tip (about 1" long) cleans contacts in a jiffy. The tip extends by twisting, similar to a lipstick.
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  10. Promaster Cotton Gloves - Pack of 12 (Large)

    Model: 9061
    SKU: PRO-14300
    Perfect for use in your lab and framing department.
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  11. VisibleDust DHAP Corner Swabs

    Model: VD3098687
    SKU: VDU-00019G
    The DHAP Fabric Corner Swabs have been tailored specifically to remove dust build up in those "hard to reach" areas. 16 swabs per pack.
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  12. VisibleDust DHAP- Vswab 1.0x

    Model: VD4080502
    SKU: VDU-00019A1
    Vswab from VisibleDust is a new innovative unique (patent pending) design of Sensor cleaning swabs.*12 swabs per pack- it fits full sensor size such as Nikon D3, 1dsMK III and 5D.
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  13. Dot Line Corp Digital Care Kit with Waterproof Case

    Model: DL-4415
    SKU: DOT-01155
    This camera cleaning kit has all of the usual items: blower brush, lens cleaning liquid, cotton swabs and lens tissue, but clearly provides more, a waterproof case that can hold a digital point and shoot camera, or a cell phone, or a PDA, or an MP3 player making it the perfect cleaning kit .
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  14. Dot Line Corp DSLR Cleaning Kit

    Model: DL-4410P
    SKU: DOT-01153
    Includes retractable brush, microfiber cleaning cloth, Fusion LCD cleaner, and a high pressure DLC blower. Everything needed to clean your digital camera.
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  15. VisibleDust HDF Sensor Brush

    Model: VD3139657
    SKU: VDU-00010
    As an extra replacement brush for use with the Arctic Butterfly the HDF Sensor Brush has been designed for extreme dusting.
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